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Play of the Day: Trump, the Wall and Dogs

The president held a rally in Texas and covered a range of topics.

Key members of Congress agreed to a deal to avert a shutdown this week, but reports say the deal contains money for only 55 miles of President Donald Trump's border wall. Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about the deal, saying money should be set aside for signs along the border saying "Please attempt to cross only at fence."

Trump held a rally in El Paso on Monday and unveiled a new slogan on a red banner: "Finish the Wall." Late-night hosts joked about the wall construction not even having started, with Late Night's Seth Meyers joking that the next banner will say "The Wall Looks Great," Late Late Show's James Corden's having it say "The Wall is Finished, But Don't Go Looking For It Or Anything. Just Trust Us." and Jimmy Kimmel joking that Trump supporters will soon chant "Paint the Wall!"

Trump said at the rally that he would not get a dog because it would make him look inauthentic. Corden joked that "the fake billionaire with the fake tan and the fake hair wouldn't want to seem phony" and joked that Trump wouldn't be able to play fetch with the dog because he'd say "You want the stick? You want it? Well, this is my stick. Get your own stick."

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