Play of the Day: The President Has Solutions For California's Fires

He's also got some blame to throw at the state.

President Donald Trump was in France over the weekend to commemorate the 100th anniversary of World War I and his motorcade was interrupted by a topless woman protesting. Late Late Show's James Corden joked about the famously libidinous president , saying "if you want to protest President Trump, shouldn't you do something he wouldn't like?"

Trump tweeted over the weekend about the devastating California wildfires that have claimed dozens of lives and thousands of square miles of the state, seemingly blaming the state for the blazes. Jimmy Kimmel pointed out the false claims in the tweet, then joked that Trump is rooting for the fires and that he "is the only guy who went to see Backdraft and rooted for the backdraft." Late Show's Stephen Colbert noted that Trump cut the funding for federal forest management -- most of the area affected by the fires are under federal jurisdiction -- and put together a Smokey Bear-style PSA about fire safety under a cut budget.

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