Play of the Day: The President and Some Kims

Donald Trump met with Kim Kardashian and got a letter from Kim Jong-un.

President Donald Trump met with mogul and reality TV star Kim Kardashian last week to talk about prison reform. The Break's Michelle Wolf joked about Kardashian's Obama-era role in American lives, saying getting mad about her is something America could afford when they could "go back to thinking about our normal president" afterwards. Jimmy Kimmel also joked about the news, asking if the meeting really happened or "if Roseanne slipped us all an Ambien."

The on-again/off-again meeting between Trump and North Korean autocrat Kim Jong-un appears to be on again after Trump met with North Korean envoy Kim Yong Chol, who presented a letter from Kim to Trump. Last Week Tonight's John Oliver joked about Trump saying he's not read the letter, tying it to Trump's wife's recent surgery, while Wolf joked about the potential of an American hamburger chain opening in Pyongyang, saying "Who's the North Korean diplomat? Mayor McCheese?"

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