Play of the Day: Donald Trump Addresses the Violence in Charlottesville

The president is getting criticized for his first tepid statement over the weekend.

Vice President Mike Pence is in South America right now on a diplomatic trip and addressed the situation in Venezuela by saying the country is "sliding into dictatorship." Conan O'Brien joked about Pence's comments, saying that Pence is there to take notes.

President Donald Trump gave a statement Monday at the White House on the violence in Charlottesville after his Saturday statement was heavily criticized for not calling out the hate groups responsible by name. Jimmy Kimmel and Late Night's Seth Meyers joked that it was weird for Trump not to condemn white supremacist groups because Trump has, in the past, condemned all kinds of things: Rosie O'Donnell, lady Ghostbusters, Diet Coke, etc. Late Show's Stephen Colbert mocked Trump saying the violence came from "many sides," saying the phrase is something Trump likes to when ordering KFC.