Play of the Day: Donald Trump Calls All the Shots, OK?

The president's top advisor Steve Bannon is getting more publicity, but he's not in charge.

President Donald Trump watched the New England Patriots win the Super Bowl on Sunday at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. Late night hosts joked about the photos that emerged from the event, with Jimmy Kimmel joking that the shindig looked like a "wedding at the Hilton by the airport," while Late Night's Seth Meyers compared it to a "bar mitzvah where the theme was 'sports.'"

Trump advisor Steve Bannon was on the cover of Time magazine recently. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked about the cover, saying Bannon looks like eczema made human, while Viceland's Desus and Mero joked that he looks like a bullfrog. The New York Times recently reported that Bannon is the top influencer in Trump's circle and TV news picked up on it, even saying Bannon "calls the shots," which Trump denied on Twitter. The reports even said that Bannon wrote the executive order that put rearranged on the National Security Council without Trump having read it before he signed it. Desus and Mero joked that Bannon told Trump it was a pizza delivery receipt, while Noah compared it to a "kid sneaks a candy bar into his mom's shopping cart."