Play of the Day: Donald Trump Talks Russian Hacking… With Don King at His Side

Is the boxing promoter advising the president-elect?

According to news reports, Bill and Hillary Clinton will attend Donald Trump's inauguration on January 20. Because the former First Lady lost to the president-elect in November, Jimmy Kimmel joked Tuesday night that there's a 50/50 chance she pulls a "Red Wedding" at the inauguration or, more likely, a "Kanye."

President Barack Obama expelled 35 Russian diplomats recently over the Russian interference with the 2016 U.S. presidential election while Russia's Vladimir Putin went the opposite way and invited American diplomats for a Kremlin Christmas party. The Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked that the kids of diplomats would recently surveillance bears as gifts, while The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked that a Kremlin Christmas party is not exactly a good thing.

Trump spoke about the relationship between the U.S. and Russian last week, talking briefly about foreign policy in Florida. Colbert and Noah joked that Trump's comments were hard to understand because of the presence of boxing promoter Don King. After all, is Trump going to fight Floyd Mayweather next?