Play of the Day: Clinton, Kaine and Wall Street

Leaked emails suggest the nominee wants open borders and an open financial world market, but her running mate doesn't know anything about that.

At a Florida rally this week, Donald Trump told his supporters to "make sure you get out and vote Nov. 28." Late Night's Seth Meyers and The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon joked about the gaffe, saying Trump might use the Nov. 9 election results as an excuse to call shenanigans on the election.

More emails from the orbit of Hillary Clinton were released via WikiLeaks this week, including some purported excerpts of speeches Clinton gave to Wall St. firms. Meyers did a segment on the leak, joking about Clinton's password and a recent clip of Tim Kaine avoiding comment on Clinton saying her dream is "a hemispheric common market with open borders." After all, it's not like Kaine could ask Clinton such a question.