Play of the Day: Donald Trump's Business Acumen

While Hillary Clinton jokes about his bankruptcies, but his companies are benefiting from his campaign.

Bernie Sanders admitted this week that he may not be the Democratic candidate for president, prompting late-night hosts to take some swings at his waning campaign. Late Night's Seth Meyers joked about Sanders' advanced age, while Conan O'Brien noted Sanders' refusal to drop out of the race.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been trading insults in speeches this week. Trump called Clinton a "world-class liar," which Meyers joked about in regards to Trump's feelings about the truth, while Clinton made a bankruptcy joke at Trump's expense. Late Show's Stephen Colbert mocked Clinton's stiff delivery, while The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore joked about the source of her joke. Wilmore also broke down Trump's campaign finance situation, with the campaign funneling a lot of his money to Trump-related entities. Check out Wilmore's explanation of the "Mar-a-Lago Shuffle" at 2:05.