Play of the Day: More on Sarah Palin's Endorsement

Is she a Scrabble bag come to life? Or something worse than a word salad artist?

Jeb Bush's candidacy for the GOP nomination has not caught fire so far and he recently was in the news for mispronouncing Barack Obama's older daughter's name. NBC's Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers joked about the flub Wednesday, bringing up both Bush's older brother and the general malaise around his campaign.

Everyone's talking about Sarah Palin's endorsement this week of Donald Trump in the 2016 GOP race. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah and Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked about the similarities between Trump and Palin, while The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore compared her speech to something worse than "word salad:" an e. coli burrito bowl from Chipotle. Noah's best lines were about Palin's syntax comparing her to a malfunctioning robot and saying she reminds him of "a bag of Scrabble tiles came to life."