Play of the Day: Hillary Clinton Needs to Step Up Her Crazy Game

The Democratic frontrunner needs to take cues from Ted Cruz in the debates.

During the Democratic debate Saturday night, Martin O'Malley called Donald Trump an "immigrant-bashing carnival barker." Late Night's Seth Meyers noted the comment Monday, joking about O'Malley's traction in the polls. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon also joked about the comment, saying Trump gets his hair from the cotton candy machine.

Frontrunner Hillary Clinton connected Wall Street campaign contributions to the Sept. 11 attacks during the debate, causing some confusion among viewers. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah noted this disconnect, comparing Clinton to "Rudy Giuliani in a dress" Monday. He also gave Clinton some advice: Take a cue from Ted Cruz and say something crazy (and memorable) to distract us from your policies. For example: Maybe Clinton could say she thinks Pokemon is real.