Play of the Day: The State of the 2016 Race

Hillary Clinton has plans for Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump pays volunteers to clap and Lindsey Graham says America is ready for a bachelor president.

The Treasury Department Thursday announced it will be putting a woman on the $10 bill within the next five years, prompting a few late-night hosts to joke about the development. The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon took the opportunity to tie it to Caitlyn Jenner, while Late Night's Seth Meyers has a suggestion for the specific woman to put on the banknote.

The 2016 race is continuing to give late-night TV fodder. According to Fallon, Hillary Clinton's recent comments about education are making her unpopular with kids, while comments about Jeb Bush's wardrobe caused Meyers to pull up an unflattering photo of Chris Christie (one of Play of the Day's favorite photos). And, of course, everyone joked about Donald Trump's 2016 campaign.

Be sure to check out a couple of examples of Late Night's "Week in Numbers" at 2:45 for an interesting perspective on contract killing.