Play of the Day: Donald Trump is America's Id

The bombastic real estate mogul and reality star is running for president.

Donald Trump threw his hat into the 2016 ring Tuesday, providing comedy gold for late-night talk shows. The Daily Show, Late Night and The Nightly Show all devoted segments to Trump, with every flavor of joke coming out of the hosts. Seth Meyers connected him to the ongoing Rachel Dolezol saga, Larry Wilmore commented on Trump's statement on our nuclear arsenal and Jon Stewart squealed with delight over his entrance.

Jeb Bush's 2016 announcement came down this week and late-night comedy took note. Stewart noted the dynastic nature of his lineage, while Fallon connected him to Trump's quest for Obama's birth certificate.

Be sure to check out the title sequence video that the Conan staff put together for Bush's 1990s sitcom at 2:45. It features his family, his record and, of course, his logo.

(Top image via Albert H. Teich / )