Trump Administration Prepares for Rapid Growth of U.S. Coronavirus Cases

Agencies acknowledge some bumps in the road as they prepare for inevitable domestic outbreak.

Democratic Lawmakers Warn Proposed Social Security Rule Could Be Illegal

Leaders of several congressional committees call on the Social Security Administration to abandon a proposed rule that would allow appeals officers to hear lower-level disability cases.

What the Careers of Diplomats Can Teach the Rest of Government

Two recent books examine the lives and roles of foreign service officers.

GovExec Daily: The Coronavirus Response

Eric Katz and Kate Queram talk to the podcast about pandemic planning and emergency preparedness.

How EPA Could Be More Transparent With the Public

Think tank suggests more support for the newly established C-suite level position of chief data officer. 

Are You Hearing or Listening?

Problem-solving, team-engagement, relationships and results all improve when leaders listen better. Here are some tips.

Performance Management: The Emphasis on Accountability

Clear goals, transparently pursued can be a powerful tool to drive output-oriented performance, but there are caveats.

One-Third of Residents Suspicious of Census, Survey Finds

More outreach to communities is needed, researchers say.

How Agencies Could Incentivize Private Sector Investment in Their Missions

Commercial capital could provide a powerful boost to public sector modernization.

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Trump Administration Publishes Memo That Could End Defense Unions

More than three weeks after President Trump signed a memo authorizing Defense Secretary Mark Esper to effectively outlaw collective bargaining at the Defense Department, the White House has posted the document to the Federal Register.

Federal Judge Dismisses Suit Against Army Corps for Post-Harvey Flooding

U.S. Judge Loren A. Smith threw out a case brought by Houstonians whose properties flooded as a result of releases from Addicks and Barker dams.

Union Sues to Block a Plan That Would Make It Easier for Feds to Quit Paying Dues

Labor authority last week signaled that it will move ahead on the plan, although critics say the agency's legal justification doesn’t add up.

Labor Authority Moves Forward With Plan to Make It Easier for Feds to Cancel Union Dues

Lone Democrat on the labor-management relations board accuses his colleagues of using recent Supreme Court precedent as a pretext to enable union busting.

Federal Employees' Settlement Agreements Can Expire, Court Rules

Agencies can cut off special accommodations for feds, including whistleblowers, after "a reasonable time."

DHS to Waive Contracting Regulations to Speed Up Border Wall Construction

Acting Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf is using a 2005 law to override certain requirements.

Analysis: A Coronavirus Quarantine in America Could Be a Giant Legal Mess

America’s defense against epidemics is divided among more than 2,000 individual public-health departments, which makes implementing a national strategy very difficult.