Warren Pledges Major Overhaul of Federal Hiring and Ethics Laws

The Democratic presidential contender pledges to use executive branch experience to rebuild the civil service.

The No. 1 Obstacle to Great Workplace Culture

Cultures that are controlling or indifferent to people are often the culprit behind rising stress, job burnout and loneliness.

The IRS Decided to Get Tough Against Microsoft. Microsoft Got Tougher.

For years, the company has moved billions in profits to Puerto Rico to avoid taxes. When the IRS pushed it to pay, Microsoft protested that the agency wasn’t being nice. Then it aggressively fought back in court, lobbied Congress and changed the law.

Pentagon Wants to Build One Satellite Per Week 

Over the next two years, the Space Development Agency is looking to put dozens of satellites into orbit.

Career Employees Allege EPA Leaders Silenced Them on Key Deregulation Effort

Two offices will review the allegations for potential further investigation and discipline.

The Senate Confirmation Process is Twice As Long Today As It Was During the Reagan Era

Partnership for Public Service study highlights the importance of a president’s first and fifth years in getting vacancies filled. 

How Black Employees See Racism at Work Depends on Position

A study of black doctors, nurses, and health care technicians shows that a worker's position within an organization affect how they see racism at work.

I Asked People Why They Don’t Vote, and This Is What They Told Me

In the 2016 election, more than a third of Americans didn't vote. What might be keeping them from going to the polls?

Bipartisan Bill Would Ban Reverse Auctions for Federal Construction Contracts

House lawmakers introduced legislation on Thursday similar to a Senate measure passed in December.

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The Civil Servant Who Changes the Constitution

One federal employee will determine whether the ERA gets added to America’s founding document—the question is which authority he’ll turn to for guidance.

Defense Pledges to Do a Better Job of Sharing Security Information With Overseas Contractors 

The State Department has yet to respond to an industry association letter expressing concern over contractor safety. 

Federal Judge Blocks Policy that Allowed Gov. Greg Abbott to Ban Refugees in Texas

The decision comes just days after the Texas governor became the first state leader to opt out of the program. The move drew a harsh rebuke from the Texas' Catholic bishops.

4 Strategies for Pitching Ideas to Your Project Leader

To successfully pitch creative ideas to your project leader, the first step is determining which of two creative types they are.

Border Patrol Officials Dodged Congress’ Questions About Migrant Children’s Deaths

The chair of a House Homeland Security subcommittee reprimanded Border Patrol officials for concealing information about migrant children’s deaths. Officials did not respond to the chairwoman's criticism.

Would Converting Some DHS Political Positions to Career Ones Help Employee Morale?

Good government group recommends this as one way to address long-term challenges with dissatisfaction among employees.

Trump Administration to Expand Hiring Pilot Programs in 2020

Pilot program with simpler resumes and more input from subject matter experts in assessing candidates will reach at least five additional agencies this year.

Turkey Will Make F-35 Parts Longer Than Anticipated

U.S. officials had aimed to get Turkish companies out of the jet’s supply chain by March.