GovExec Daily: Building a More Collaborative Intergovernmental System

The National Academy of Public Administration's Terry Gerton joins the podcast to discuss how to make it easier for levels of government to work together.

The modernization of government has been a phrase often repeated in the public sector over the past few decades, with human capital, technology and broader management all factoring into the concept. Part of modernization, however, will also involve making it easier to support collaboration between different levels of governments and different agencies. The National Academy of Public Administration recently announced the establishment of the Center on Intergovernmental Partnerships to help rebuild the collaborative capabilities.

Terry Gerton is the President and CEO of the National Academy of Public Administration. She served for 12 years in the Senior Executive Service as a career member and as a political appointee, and 20 years as an active duty Army officer. She joined the show to discuss her post on our site recently headlined “The Case for Building a Collaborative Intergovernmental System.”  

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