Play of the Day: The Vice President Is Involved Now

Mike Pence has been trying to distance himself from the impeachment of Donald Trump.

Democratic 2020 contender Bernie Sanders raised nearly $30 million in the third quarter of fundraising, the campaign announced last week. Saturday Night Live's Colin Jost joked about the haul and the other big news from the Sander camp, saying "He did what any 78-year-old would after winning $78 million, he had a heart attack."

Vice President Mike Pence, according to reports, is more involved in the Ukraine phone call scandal than originally thought and Congress is asking for documents that outline his involvement. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked that Pence was "so deep in this, I bet Mother considers it cheating," while Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked that Pence is the "only attendee at California's 'Boring Man' festival." Jimmy Kimmel joked about Pence spending most of this month away from D.C., saying "if Mike Pence distances from himself any more, he might have to make him First Lady."

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