Brynn Anderson/AP

Play of the Day: The First Democratic Debate Featured Two Languages

In Miami, Beto O'Rourke and Cory Booker spoke Spanish.

The first of two nights of 2020 Democratic primary debates happened on Wednesday night in Miami, with 10 candidates vying for screen time on NBC. The Daily Show's Trevor Noah joked about some of the lesser-known candidates, saying that the debate could take someone from "Who is that?" all the way to "Oh, yeah, that guy. No, I'm not going to vote for him. "

During his first answer, former Rep. Beto O'Rourke starting speaking Spanish to explain his economic policy, prompting Late Show's Stephen Colbert to joke that O'Rourke is "either trying to lock up the Hispanic vote or he's running for 'Embarrassing Dad at a Mexican Restaurant.'" Cory Booker also spoke Spanish in an answer about immigration, prompting The Tonight Show's Jimmy Fallon to joke that his Spanish sounds like "Arnold Schwarzenegger learned Rosetta Stone" and Late Night's Seth Meyers to joke that Joe Biden is going to try and cram for Thursday's debate, when he'll say "¿Dondé está my gato?" Colbert also joked that there was so much Spanish spoke on the debate stage that "ICE is closing in." NBC's closed captions did not type out the Spanish words, but simply read [speaking foreign language], prompting Colbert to joke that the man in charge of closed captioning was actually White House aide Stephen Miller.

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