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Play of the Day: The President Says He Isn't Into 'Cover-ups'

But is he using foundation? Maybe bronzer?

Housing and Urban Development chief Dr. Ben Carson mistook an acronym -- REO -- for the cookie "Oreo" at a House hearing this week and the clip went viral. Late Night's Seth Meyers showed the clip on Wednesday night and joked about Carson's career, saying "How did that guy become a brain surgeon? Did he practice on himself?"

After walking out of a meeting with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi after just three minutes, President Donald Trump held an event in the Rose Garden on Wednesday in which he stood in front of a sign on his podium that said "No collusion" and "No investigation." Meyers joked that Trump's sign looked like a fast food placard, while Late Show's Stephen Colbert joked that the sign invoked Thomas Jefferson's sign that read "Sally Hemmings, Just a friend." Trump said in the Rose Garden that he "doesn't do cover-ups," prompting Colbert to joke "it's called 'bronzer,' Nancy, and he's not fooling anyone," while Late Late Show's James Corden to joke that Trump uses "cover up, foundation, bronzer, concealer and maybe even a little lip liner.""

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