Agency-By-Agency Spending Levels Under Trump's 2019 Budget

Most civilian agencies would see substantial decreases from 2017 spending.

Most agencies would experience relatively large cuts under President Trump's fiscal 2019 budget request released Monday. 

At the top of the list, the Environmental Protection Agency would take a 33.7 percent hit from enacted 2017 spending levels. The State Department would see a 26.9 percent cut. 

Gains would come at the Commerce Department, which is preparing for the 2020 Census, as well as the Defense, Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security departments. 

View our chart to see how large agencies fared in the president's budget request. Please note that some agencies would receive more than is reflected in the chart, due to extra money made available in the recently enacted congressional deal raising budget caps. Click here to view the addendum to the budget request based on the congressional deal and see the additional amounts allotted to each agency