How Many Jobs Would Your Agency Lose Under Trump's 2018 Budget?

Most of the major agencies would see significant workforce reductions, with a few exceptions such as the Defense Department.

President Trump's fiscal 2018 budget request unveiled Tuesday would make good on the administration's promise to reduce the size of the federal workforce, creating a "lean, accountable, more efficient government that works for the American people." The broad outline of the budget released in March did not include much detail on projected job losses, but Tuesday's version contains agency-by-agency estimates of how the requested $1.4 trillion in cuts to non-defense agencies over the next 10 years would affect employment levels. 

The Environmental Protection Agency would be particularly hard-hit under Trump's plan, as anticipated. The agency would lose 3,800 full-time employees under the proposal, amounting to a 24.3 percent cut. The Treasury Department would be in line for a 6.3 percent staff cut under the plan, one of the largest of the Cabinet agencies, while the Agriculture Department would lose 5.2 percent of its workforce and the State Department would shed 4 percent of full-time employees. 

Four Cabinet-level agencies would escape the downsizing and see workforce increases under the plan, with the Defense Department slated for a 1.3 percent staff bump; Homeland Security headed for a 4.4 percent increase; Veterans Affairs, a 2.2 percent boost; and Health and Human Services, a 0.7 percent increase. 

Look at our chart below to see how your many jobs your agency is expected to lose (or gain) under the budget. Keep in mind this is only a proposal and Congress must approve actual funding levels for agencies. 

CORRECTION: The original version of this chart had a labeling error on the two right-most columns. They represent the change in jobs from 2017 to 2018.