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When Good Teams Produce Bad Results

Success depends on us all getting along. Or does it?

Let's make an agreement: You and I will go along with the team.

And if the product is less than optimal, at least we got along.

If the requirements make no sense because the client thinks he knows marketing better than we do, we'll deal with it.

If the project scope bleeds until its outer limits are unrecognizable, we'll cope.

If the timeline gets drastically shortened while you were out of the office for a tooth cleaning, no problem.

If the demands are much more than we can actually deliver -- whatever you do, don't kick up a fuss. At least not now.

If the logo and tagline are completely off the mark, but they've been approved up and down the chain, with no hassle -- please lay off with the criticism.

Don't mess up the flow of the team. It depends on all of us getting along. 

It's important that you understand that. 

If you do the best you can, and I do the best I can, and none of us make any waves, ever -- well then there isn't much more one could ask for.

Is there?

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