Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

Obama to Letterman: Let's Get More Veterans Jobs

The president visited The Late Show for the eighth and final time Monday.

President Obama joined The Late Show with David Letterman Monday night for the eighth and final time before Letterman leaves the show later this month. Obama praised Letterman's 33 years on television, telling the 68-year-old that the country has "grown up" with Letterman, and suggested some post-retirement fun for them to share.

The president spent most of his appearance talking about recent unrest in cities like Baltimore connected to police violence, but also touched on his administration's efforts to shore up education and to assist military families and returning veterans.

Regarding veterans, Letterman noted Michelle Obama's recent appearance on the Late Show and Obama praised his wife on the Joining Forces initiative. The president touted his administration's efforts toward veterans hiring both inside and outside the federal government.

"Part of our mission is to communicate with employers, 'If you want to get a job done right, hire a veteran,' " Obama told Letterman. "Because they can do it like nobody's business."

Obama also spoke in vague terms about education and the White House's concern about education inequality in the United States. After praising American higher education ("Our universirites are, by far, the best in the world"), Obama compared American education unfavorably to other nations' and touted early childhood education for more children.

"If we provide early childhood education, it pays huge dividends all the way through," Obama said. "So, we've got to make sure we focus on the earliest parts of school."