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Obama Asks the GOP to 'Stop Hating All the Time'

The president says that “we could do so much more if Congress would come on and help out a little bit."

President Obama had a clear message for House Republicans as they prepare to vote Wednesday on a bill authorizing a lawsuit against him: "Stop hating." During a speech in Kansas City, Missouri Wednesday, Obama criticized Republicans for focusing on the lawsuit instead of the economy, and said the country would be more productive if Congress did more, according to The Hill

On the subject of the economy, the president said that the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been since 2008 and the economy grew 4 percent during the second quarter of 2014. The president argued that “we could do so much more if Congress would come on and help out a little bit ... Stop being mad all the time. Stop. Stop just hating all the time.”

Meanwhile, several protesters stood outside holding signs. “This is the first time I’ve ever protested in my life,” Clayton Ernsbarger told WDAF. “But I’ve had it up to here with the executive orders, with what’s going on at the border, and I think average Americans need to stand up and be counted and send a message.”

Later today the House will send its own message. The House is expected to pass a bill authorizing a lawsuit against the president's employer mandate delay Wednesday, largely along party lines. In Kansas City, the president pointed out that the lawsuit will be taxpayer funded. "By the way, do you know who is paying for this suit they're going to file? You," he said. 

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