Bizarre: LBJ Orders Pants in Secret Recording

Forgotten recording shows the 36th president knew just how he liked them.

It’s always refreshing to run across leaders who know exactly what they want. But this…this might be a little too specific. It’s Friday, so here’s your reward for making it through the week: A bizarre animated short set to a very real recording of our 36 th president, Lyndon Baines Johnson, ordering himself up a new pair of “slacks.”

Why some of these presidents were so fond of recording their conversations we’ll never know, but we certainly thank them for it. Warning: Prepare for some very specific, some might say graphic, language with respect to LBJ’s crotch…though that shouldn’t be a surprise, given his well documented reputation for being a bit crude.

Without further ado, we present “LBJ Orders Pants.”

Does this surprise you given your memories of LBJ?