How Street Signs Are Made

22 people are responsible for all of New York’s 2 million signs.

Maybe you knew a kid growing up who stole street signs (or perhaps you were the kid doing the stealing). Did you ever wonder how those signs came to be? Turns out a lot of work goes into making each STOP, YIELD and X-ING sign you unquestioningly use each day.

Below is a fascinating video put together by the New York City Department of Transportation that shows the entire process.

According to NYCDOT:

There are more than two million signs in New York City. Ever wonder where they come from? Many are made by DOT's in-house sign shop based in Maspeth, Queens. This crew of 22 employees fabricate 9,000-12,000 signs a month, ranging from large highway signs down to Alternate Side Parking signs.

That’s a lot of hard work. You should probably feel a little guilty about your adolescent hooliganism now…

Check out the operation in action:

[via NYCDOT ]