New website links government contractors with former feds

Exfederal.com shows promise as it enters a competitive market, analyst says.

A new website linking companies with former federal workers is set to launch in September.

Exfederal.com will match companies looking to quickly hire workers for contracts with former feds in search of a job. The site was founded by Ginger Groeber, a former human resources official in the Pentagon, and by Lockheed Martin Corp. The site is currently undergoing beta testing, but already lists many open positions.

In an interview with the blog Military Leaders in Transition¸ Groeber spoke of the need to match up former federal employees, including military personnel, with open opportunities.

“Coming from a military family and having personally spent 26 years in the civil service in the Department of Defense, I know how many highly qualified people there are who want jobs,” Groeber said.  “There is a huge need on the contracting side for applicants who have the same experience that has been gained by being in the military, as a civil servant and working in support of government contracts.”

As The Washington Post noted in a story about Exfederal.com, Groeber will be entering a competitive market. Clearancejobs.com, already allows contractors and government agencies to search a database of applicants for specific skills and security clearances.

Still, there is much room for Groeber’s business to grow. As Mark Marcon, a senior equity analyst at Robert W. Baird & Co told the Post, companies and agencies could find it cheaper to advertise to sites like Groeber’s.

“There’s been fragmentation within the job board category . . .  so we’ve seen a number of more specialized job boards,” Marcon said. “[It] typically ends up being less expensive to advertise on a more niche-y site . . .  both from the perspective of the absolute dollars that you spend to place the ad combined with having to sort through fewer responses.”