Generation Passion: Charts

Ready to Go

The ranks of the procurement corps face a rapid and intense thinning, making it all the more important to find ways to attract new young replacements.

Number of contracting
employees in fiscal 2005
Eligible to retire in fiscal 2005 13%
Eligible to retire in fiscal 2010 32%
Eligible to retire in fiscal 2015 54%

Source: Federal Acquisition Institute

Getting Started

Some acquisition intern programs promote workers every year, providing rapid salary growth. But it's often the speedy accumulation of responsibility that keeps young people interested in government.

Typical salaries for acquisition intern programs
First year $31,200 to $40,500
Second year $38,200 to $49,600
Third year $46,200 to $60,000
Fourth year $65,800 to $85,600

Note: figures are based on progression through the program and are not guaranteed.

Sources: Office of Personnel Management and federal agencies.

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