Government Executive : Vol. 42 No. 9 (8/1/10)

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  • The New Federal City
    Huntsville, Ala., is becoming the center of gravity for key agencies.
    By Katherine McIntire Peters
  • Data Deluge
    Agencies have turned to virtualization to process a growing stockpile of information. Now the challenge is where to put it all.
    By Carolyn Duffy Marsan


  • Permanent Fix
    Unions say temporary workers are being exploited, and deserve full-time benefits and jobs. By Elizabeth Newell
  • The Science of Funding
    The Innovators John McGowan fosters teamwork on the Web to target promising medical research investments. By Aliya Sternstein
  • Push and Pull
    White House mulls the option of posting contract documents online to improve transparency. By Robert Brodsky


  • Managing Technology

    Close Call
    Even as the Networx deadline approaches, many agencies are slow to make the switch. By Brittany Ballenstedt
  • Management Matters

    Fixing Reform
    Want good government? Get good agencies. By Brian Friel


  • Editor's Notebook
    Agencies find greener pastures away from Washington. By Tom Shoop
  • Briefing
    Census roughriders, international cost-cutting, debating security and masters of disaster.
  • Perspectives
    Choices we make now could spell prosperity or decline. By Timothy B. Clarke

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