Government Executive : Vol. 42 No. 8 (7/1/10)

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  • Hiring Simplified
    Cutting red tape for job applicants and involving managers in the hunt for mission-critical skills could be more complex than meets the eye.
    By Elizabeth Newell
  • The Power of the Purse
    The procurement process has long been used as a lever to influence social policy, but some say favoring contractors who pay higher wages would be going too far.
    By Robert Brodsky


  • Defense on the Offense
    Michèle Flourney manages policy and long-term strategic planning for the Pentagon.
  • Sun Spotters
    Federal scientists are on the lookout for an unpleasant solar surprise. By Edward Goldstein


  • Managing Technology

    Health IT Checkup
    Defense and Veterans Affairs lead the way in making a nationwide health information network a reality. By Aliya Sternstein
  • Management Matters

    Learning It Your Way
    Formal classroom training isn't the best route for many federal workers. By Brian Friel
  • Intelligence File

    War of Words
    The rhetoric of cyberwar is heating up. By Shane Harris
  • Viewpoint

    Thinking the Unthinkable
    What will happen to your survivors when you're gone? By Tammy Flanagan


  • Editor's Notebook
    Reorganization is easy compared to culture change. By Tom Shoop
  • Briefing
    Eyes on five sides, trade secrets, the young and the restless, and whistle stop.
  • Perspectives
    Openness transforms an important regulatory agency. By Timothy B. Clarke

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