Government Executive Vol. 37 No.19

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  • Medical Catastrophe
    No one's in charge, the plan's incomplete and resources aren't sufficient if we suffer mass casualties in an overwhelming disaster.
    By Justin Rood
  • Testing Their Mettle
    Marine Corps war gamers are exploring new concepts for fighting the global war on terrorism.
    By Katherine McIntire Peters
  • Airport 2025
    Agencies and industry are taking on one of government's biggest projects: a 21st century solution to aviation gridlock.
    By Beth Dickey


  • Expert Advice
    Before the Pentagon's prescription for change is even written, observers worry it won't cure what ails Defense. By Katherine McIntire Peters
  • Assessing Acquisition
    Skeptics wonder whether new panel can fix Defense procurement. By Jason Vest
  • Deep Thinkers
    A new philosophy helps people manage their agencies and their lives. By Kimberly Palmer
  • Highway in the Sky
    Just imagine your car could fly. By Beth Dickey
  • Fall From Grace
    Gen. Kevin Byrnes' real legacy might be shaking up the status quo in Army leadership training. By Jason Vest
  • Leadership Profile

    Turnaround Artist
    Ramesh Punwani is leading FAA to financial fitness. By Beth Dickey


  • Tech Insider

    Diagnosis Data
    Can a computer find a cure for brain cancer? By Shane Harris
  • Management Matters

    Weathering the Storm
    Some agencies shined under the federal cloud of Hurricane Katrina. By Brian Friel
  • Political World

    Wooing Washington
    Battered states pursue federal aid in strikingly different ways. By Charles Mahtesian


  • Editor's Notebook
    Government response is only as good as its structure and its assets.
  • Letters
  • The Buzz
    Off the payband wagon, Defense acquisition, Barbara Shelton on the hot seat, and flying too high with those guys in the sky.
  • Outlook
    Post-Katrina Americans distrust government-and want much more of it. By Tom Shoop

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