Retirement Benefits

It’s Time to Rethink Your Retirement Tax Assumptions

The lower taxes many federal employees anticipate after leaving the workforce don’t always materialize.

Viewpoint: Dollars Invested in the TSP Will Now Benefit Our Foreign Adversary

Decision to use an index fund that includes Chinese companies is bad for our country and the financial security of federal employees.   

Federal Retirement Applications, Processing Both Down in October

The backlog of pending requests crept to nearly 18,000 last month, although the number of applications is significantly down from the same period in 2018.

TSP Portfolios Post Modest Growth in October

All funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program saw minor gains last month.

TSP Board Revisits Decision to Broaden International Fund

A bipartisan group of senators has been urging officials to reconsider the decision to allow investments in Chinese companies.

Federal Retirees Will Get 1.6% COLA in 2020

Although less than last year, a consumer price index increase of less than 2% means the vast majority of former federal workers will see the same increase to their defined benefit pensions.

Federal Employee Retirement Savings Funds Make Modest Gains in September

All but one of the Thrift Savings Plan offerings ended the month in the black.

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TSP: Thousands Already Making Use of New Withdrawal System

The board that governs the 401(k)-style retirement savings program authorized a 6.9% budget increase for the agency Monday.

Most TSP Funds Take a Tumble in August

Only two of the Thrift Savings Plan’s portfolios ended last month in the black.

TSP Posts Modest Gains in July, Although International Stocks Fall

Most funds in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program saw only slight increases last month.

Postal Service Floats Big Cuts to Employee Pay, Leave and Benefits

New postal workers would no longer earn a pension under preliminary business plan.

All TSP Funds Rebound in June

After a lackluster May in which most offerings lost value, every fund in the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program grew last month.

TSP Outlines Time Frame for Lifecycle Fund Changes, Internal Improvements

By the end of next year, the federal government’s 401(k)-style retirement savings program will offer lifecycle funds in five-year increments.

OPM-GSA Merger Plan Would Create ‘Additional Uncertainty’ in Retirement Processing Reform

A government watchdog report said the Trump administration’s proposal to merge the federal government’s HR agency with the General Services Administration could make it more difficult to modernize the retirement process.

Retirement Claims Backlog Inches Down in May

The pile of pending claims shrunk by nearly 600 last month and is slightly smaller than it was at the same time last year.