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Government Executive October 2001 Vol.33, No.13


Pulling Together
By Katherine McIntire Peters
At the Pentagon, generals and privates, senior executives and laborers, civilians, contractors and military personnel found themselves side by side on a front line none could previously have imagined.

Horror, Then A Helping Hand
By Tanya N. Ballard
In New York, federal employees fled for their lives, then pitched in to help.

Retreat and Rebound
On September 11, some civil servants died. Some fled. And some saved lives.

Looking For Lifelines
By Joshua Dean
E-government's first big test produces mixed results.

Where We Go From Here
By Jason Peckenpaugh
The attacks may cause Americans to rethink government's role.

Partners For Life
By George Cahlink
The Army's Anniston depot and contractors have formed a variety of partnerships to make the most of limited Defense dollars.

Mavericks and Mavens
By Shane Harris
The Federal Technology Service is struggling with the burdens of its success at driving hard bargains for agencies buying information technology.

Federal Travel Guide 2002
By Lauren Taylor
Business trips may not be hassle-free, but award-winning federal agencies are improving the ways travel and relocation are managed.


Managing Technology: High-Tech Community Venture
By Joshua Dean
Knowledge management is where the rubber meets the road for the National Highway Safety Administration's community of practice program.

Managing Technology: Lost Laptops Compromise Secrets
By Joshua Dean
A rash of lost laptops sets off a mad dash to secure the nation's secrets.

Human Resources: Government's Staying Power
By Brian Friel
Despite many enticements to leave government, federal workers have remarkable staying power.

Viewpoint: Performance Punishment
By Jean MacFarland
The day your job can be codified and arranged in measurable parts is the day you can be replaced by a computer.


Editor's Notebook: New Glory
Political World: Washington at War
The Last Word: A Ray Of Hope In A Dark Moment

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