To Move or Not to Move

A government-wide study of mainframe migration

While mainframes have been mission-critical to data center operations dating back to the 1960s, they have become challenging to maintain and integrate with modern technologies. These challenges include a dwindling pool of skill sets, high costs, lengthy time to stand up and configure new environments (lack of agility), and lack of flexibility in integrating legacy applications with modern ones. Migrating and modernizing legacy applications that are hosted on these mainframes is no easy task. While this process can be a daunting venture, the need for IT modernization and the importance of cloud adoption in that mission cannot be understated. Explore the government-wide study of mainframe migration

Download this GBC Playbook to learn more about:

  • The benefits of mainframe migration
  • How mainframes are being migrated
  • The risks and pain points associated with mainframe migration
  • Which migration methods pose the greatest risk
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