Meeting the Digital Demand

Despite major federal digital transformation efforts, IT disruptions and service delays remain commonplace. With more than 80% of government respondents reporting IT frustrations at least once every few months, what can be done to move past the technological status quo?

While IT problems often begin with insufficient resources and training for employees, they don't usually end there — large shares of respondents to a May 2019 Government Business Council (GBC) survey of nearly 700 respondents report a connection between IT inefficiencies and the execution of their agency missions. And although some respondents also report a lack of channels for voicing concerns about their agency's capabilities, others provide feedback on how to improve specific workplace applications.

Download GBC's Insight Report to learn more about:

  • The biggest IT concerns and frustrations for government leaders and managers
  • Confidence levels of technical staff and non-IT agency leadership in administering future tech improvements
  • Gaps in the resources available to federal organizations looking to enhance their IT posture
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