Inside Federal Outsourcing

Federal agencies’ mission scope is evolving and expanding on a daily basis, while their budgets remain stagnant, regulations keep them perennially understaffed, and new technologies necessitate unique and in-demand skill sets. As a result, agencies are increasingly turning to three forms of outsourcing—contract personnel, shared services, and business process outsourcing (BPO)—to help close this widening capabilities gap. However, questions remain about whether agencies are pursuing outsourcing on an ad hoc basis, or whether they are adopting a more strategic approach that takes into account the unique strengths and limitations of contract personnel, shared services, and BPO.

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  • How the federal workforce rates its experience with contract personnel, shared services, and BPO, according to a survey of 385 government employees 
  • Strengths of staff augmentation, shared services, and BPO, and how agencies can most strategically deploy them to achieve their mission objectives
  • Concerns with shared services and BPO, and how agency leaders can communicate most effectively on these issues

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