Implementing Empathy in Government Services

Survey Report of the Customer Experience at Federal Agencies

As needs for citizen services continue to grow in the public sector, understanding the customer experience will be critical for mission success. So how are federal agencies approaching empathy in their programs? 

From July to August of 2022, Government Business Council (GBC), in partnership with Genesys, fielded a blind survey to evaluate how public sector organizations are implementing tools for listening, understanding, acting, and learning from citizen experience interactions. Are U.S. agencies able to effectively provide secure and reliable services while prioritizing the customer throughout the process? What are the major benefits driving these programs? What are the biggest challenges they face in implementation?  GBC will help answer these questions and more.

Download this GBC Survey Report to learn more about:

  • Where federal employees think their current capabilities are to empathize with constituents 
  • What kind of technology is being used to assist these programs
  • What methods and approaches organizations are using towards implementing empathy and improving listening and learning
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