The Network's Edge: Federal Cyber Leaders on Securing the Internet of Things

GBC sits down with experts from the defense and intelligence community to ask the critical question: how vulnerable is the government's Internet of Things, and what can be done to secure this growing network of devices?

The federal government is on high alert. Cognizant of the severe risks the IoT poses to some of our nation’s major infrastructures at home as well as military capabilities abroad, agencies find themselves facing a difficult question: how to secure a network of devices against an adversary that always seems to be one step ahead? 

Download this Expert Dialogues Report to learn about:

  • How agencies are harnessing IoT devices to improve mission capabilities in the tactical space
  • Leading insights from experts at DHS, NSA, and DoD on the challenges and dangers impeding IoT security 
  • Ground-level innovations and conversations driving the future of IoT  
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