The Ethical Future of Energy

Artificial Intelligence Leadership within the Department of Energy

In an increasingly digital world, where the explosion of global touchpoints is creating an ever deeper data pool, the opportunities promised by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools are both thrilling and intimidating. The United States Department of Energy (DoE) has long been at the forefront of AI technological advancements, uniquely suited in both its mission and its skill set to lead development of both tools and standards. The recently established Artificial Intelligence & Technology Office (AITO) is working to harness research and development (R&D), strategic coordination, data and automation to push the limits of what is possible, including developing the foundational AI Risk Management Playbook. 

Download this GBC agency brief to learn more about:

  • The role of the Department of Energy in guiding future AI/ML investments
  • Use cases about the future of smart energy
  • Deep dive into the AI Risk Management Playbook
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