Beyond the Red Tape: Conversations with Federal IT Buyers on IT As-A-Service

Government acquisition of IT services is experiencing a major shift from traditional buy-a-box procurement to as-a-service. To understand how the federal government is rethinking its approach to purchasing IT, Government Business Council (GBC) interviewed senior technology personnel and acquisition officials about their buying journey and early forays into as-a-service purchasing.

Flash Poll: The State of Security

In January of 2020, Government Business Council (GBC) polled employees across the public sector on their perceptions of the cybersecurity landscape and organizational vigilance in reporting phishing attacks.

Life After Government

Whenever you’re planning to retire, it’s never too late to improve your retirement readiness. Here are some simple steps you can take now to boost the odds of having the resources you’ll need later, when you’re no longer drawing your paycheck.

Improve Health Services through Better Citizen Experiences

Better experiences lead to better care. A consistent problem with organizations, including government agencies, is that service experiences are inconsistent across different channels – i.e. in person, phone calls, online requests. This causes frustration and confusion, and when the service is healthcare, poor experiences can affect quality of care. To avoid poor citizen interactions, government agencies must prioritize high-quality customer service and citizen satisfaction through a modern platform—a platform capable of providing consistent and relevant experiences across all channels. The Now Platform can improve processes and outcomes by giving agencies the ability to predict, prioritize and proactively manage workloads. The ServiceNow citizen experience solution offers several unique features and benefits to drive savings and advance health services. Learn more about how we automate workflow apps across the enterprise, provide seamless omnichannel citizen experiences, deliver end-to-end connectivity throughout the agency, manage intelligent workflows, and scale capabilities that grow with an agency’s needs.

Securing the Government Cloud

In this Special Report, Nextgov looks at how federal efforts like FedRAMP and rapid certification programs are helping agencies make sure their data is secure.

Flash Poll: Enabling Cloud Formation

In this latest poll from Government Business Council, we asked federal employees to evaluate Cloud Smart and their agency's cloud efficiency in 2020.

A Government Leadership Guide to Culture Change

Conversations about digital transformation and related culture change are not new. Whether described as disruption, or simply IT initiatives, we operate in a continuous cycle of change. In the private sector, this change is often clear and illustrated in the form of financial or market impacts. In the public sector, these disruptions can often be masked, but their impacts in the form of security, speed to capability, or service interruption can be found across every government organization and major agency.

Hybrid Cloud Strategy for Dummies

Jumping onto the cloud is easy. Getting it right is somewhat trickier. Getting it right for the long term is even more challenging. A good cloud strategy helps you and your organization work things out, makes sure all the bits and pieces fit together well, and improves the odds of realizing your business goals.

Realize Mission Success Reliably on Red Hat

For the federal government, realizing mission success means efficiently and reliably delivering services to citizens, including healthcare, social services, and transportation. It also encompasses protecting the nation by securing the country’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors. To achieve this goal, leaders must rely on the use of secure, innovative mission applications delivered on reliable and robust technology platforms.

Achieving Zero-Trust Security in Federal Agencies

In most federal agencies, terms like “agile” and “responsive” aren’t used very often; like many large organizations, change happens incrementally over long stretches of time. So how can we expect federal agencies to stay up to speed with the constantly evolving digital landscape and keep secure?

Colleagues as Customers - How Mission-Support Services Can Improve the Customer Experience

Mission-support service providers are critical to federal programs and personnel, typically supplying their expertise to help colleagues in their own agencies serve the public and achieve agency missions. Whether an organization strives to put a human on Mars, protect our natural resources or care for our veterans, none of it is possible without contracting, financial management, information technology, human resources and other support services.

2020 IT Spending Outlook

The new decade of federal contracting will usher in several high-impact procurements. Nextgov examines what the government bought in fiscal 2019, identifies key buying trends, and forecasts what they mean for 2020 spending.

Innovations in Transit and Transportation

Route Fifty takes a look at the creative projects and new approaches taken by states, cities, and counties to improve transportation networks and transit opportunities.

How Federal Agencies Can Reshape the Customer Experience

When interacting with federal agencies, today’s citizens, soldiers and agency staff have come to expect a digital experience that can rival any commercial entity. Providing tech-infused, customer-friendly user experiences can seem like a tall order for government agencies, but by tapping the correct digital transformation tools, agencies can create a pathway to offering the types of omnichannel experiences that all customers have come to expect.

What You Need to Know About the Budget

The two-year budget deal the Trump administration reached with Congress in July 2019 was supposed to boost spending and reduce uncertainty. The reality is more complicated.

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