The Visible Landscape

A Poll of Federal Experts on Network Visibility

3 Keys for Unlocking AI in Government, According to the Experts

How can civilian and defense agencies begin to reap the benefits of AI? At a recent virtual event, government and industry leaders came together to discuss just that. Here’s what they had to say

The Telehealth Diagnosis

A Poll of State and Local Official on Telehealth Transformation

Build the IT Backbone of Tomorrow with Third Party Maintenance

As agencies look to the future, it’s clear that budget needs are changing, but agencies still need to prepared for the next unexpected event. IT teams are assessing what remains available in the budget for IT-related initiatives going forward. It’s a common refrain, but it all boils down to prioritizing and doing more with less. Data center consolidation can help agencies get there.

Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) 3.0

WWT can be your trusted solution provider to ensure your agency is ready to modernize its network architecture and lay the foundation for a Zero Trust strategy.

Mining the Government Contact Center for Insights

There are valuable signals from your government contact center that could improve the digital citizen experience. Do you know how to unlock them? In this eBook, we’ll examine some of the critical touchpoints throughout the citizen’s journey, identify where the breakdowns occur, and unlock the signals, or feedback about experiences, that citizens provide. This allows agencies to remove silos and prioritize actions that improve the overall citizen experience.

Faster releases. Better code. Less pain.

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform—delivered as a single application—that radically transforms your delivery model...and your speed to mission.

Road to Digital Maturity: How Agencies Are Embracing the Modernization Journey

How can government executives successfully modernize? We asked Chris Radich, vice president of digital strategy at Salesforce. Here’s what he had to say.

A Competitive Edge: How Public Sector Agencies Can Make Data-driven Decisions with Edge Computing

As remote and hybrid workforces become more common, federal agencies must deliver services and capabilities faster than ever before. Here’s how they can tap edge computing solutions to make that happen.

3 Ways Agencies Can Manage Their Data More Effectively

What can agencies do to manage their data effectively amid an ever-changing information landscape? Here, we offer a few recommendations.

Assessing the State of Military Communications

New Possibilities, New Challenges, and New Competitors

Justice for All

5 ways digital services can assist correctional facilities and community supervision programs and help reduce recidivism.

The State of State and Local Budgets

Route Fifty takes a look at how state and city governments are managing their finances amid the pandemic.

Simple, Secure, and Cost-Effective Spend Management

Fiscal responsibility, compliance, accuracy, and accountability are at the foundation of both your organization’s reputation and its ability to function effectively. A strong partnership between finance and IT is how you can effectively manage spend for organizational success.

Toward the AI-Enabled Fight

If the United States is to keep ahead of a rapidly gaining China in the field of artificial intelligence, it needs a concrete and comprehensive plan for action.

Mission-driven Modernization: How Agencies Are Digitizing Citizen Services

While COVID-19 crisis has presented a number of hardships for constituents, businesses and government organizations alike, it has been a catalyst for IT modernization. Here, Salesforce’s Casey Coleman explains how agencies can continue this momentum beyond the pandemic.

Federal Budget Outlook for 2022

The president's budget submission holds important insight for agencies on program priorities.

The Evolution of the FITARA Scorecard

Nextgov examines Congress’ main tool to measure agencies’ IT modernization efforts—the FITARA Scorecard—and how it changes.

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