The Future of Military Communications

Rapidly advancing technologies are changing threats and the way warfare is carried out. Are U.S. military members and leadership prepared for this new era?

Keeping an Eye on the Clouds: A Conversation with Federal IT Experts on Cloud Validation

How do federal agencies know how their cloud is performing? To learn more about cloud performance evaluation in the federal government, Government Business Council (GBC) interviewed top federal IT experts.

Making Many Work: Effectively Approaching a Multi-Cloud Strategy

How are agencies faring with multi-cloud to satisfy compliance, governance, and data management standards? Government Business Council (GBC) conducted thorough research to raise visibility on the issue.

Battlefield Advantage: How Does Technology Boost Situational Awareness for Warfighters?

Today’s battlefield is teeming with sophisticated technology to help warfighters execute their tactical missions more effectively. To put these powerful pieces of battlefield technology to work, warfighters need reliable and secure mobile computing solutions that can perform in the harshest conditions.

IT as a Mission Enabler

A candid poll on trends in technology adoption and uses among the government workforce.

American Readiness Project

Defense One and the Center for a New American Security are partnering on a year-long editorial deep dive of research, feature-length reporting, commentary, podcasts, and events to analyze whether Americans are ready, willing, and able to be the global security leaders of this century.

Ransomware, Malware and Cyberthreats

Ransomware is a persistent threat to the enterprise. This type of malicious software, which renders critical systems or files inaccessible until you pay the perpetrator a price for their release, is increasingly being used against businesses, leading to ransoms rising in cost. Beyond the financial expense of paying off the attackers, ransomware can have a devastating impact on the victimized organization, resulting in business downtime, lost productivity, damaged systems and files, and loss of reputation.

The Essential Guide to Security

What’s your plan for cybersecurity? Are you simply “planning for the worst, but hoping for the best?” How can you best defend your organization and hunt down new adversaries? Ultimately, by taking a holistic approach to your defense system across the enterprise.

ThinkCentre Tiny and Nano: The Evolution of the Desktop Endpoint

Based on a deep understanding of the robust needs of government decision-makers, LenovoTM crafted the breakthrough ThinkCentre® M Tiny desktop series. These are small but mighty powerhouses that deliver energy-efficient, full-sized PC performance that won’t break your budget.

Law Enforcement and Security Tech

Route Fifty explores some of the issues around the latest technology aimed at improving public safety.

Defense Budget Preview

Defense One reports on the president's annual budget request: what’s in it, how Congress may change it, and what it says about the future of national security. Curated by Global Business Editor Marcus Weisgerber.

Smart Roads Ahead

Exploring State and Local Government Adoption of Smart Road Technology

Stellar AI: An Astrophysicist's Guide to Getting Started

Of the 7.5 billion people on Earth, fewer than 600 have ever blasted through the atmosphere to make it into outer space and only a dozen set foot on the moon. Yet, through the study of astrophysics, we can calculate with certainty which elements make up the planets and the stars. That’s not magic; it’s math. To Jamie Milne, Senior Engagement Manager at World Wide Technology (WWT), it’s also a metaphor for artificial intelligence. “Astrophysics is like extreme AI,” says Milne.

Ultimate Guide to Federal IT Compliance

How can the federal IT pro keep up and stay compliant? In this whitepaper, you'll learn: tips for preparing for a security audit, how to use automation to dramatically ease compliance demands, and more.

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