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Governing at the Intersection of People and Technology

To learn more about the difficulties some state and local leaders face in hiring, retaining, and equipping appropriately trained and educated personnel, GBC examined the public employee landscape.

Flash Poll: Serve the People

Are agencies embracing the digital customer experience (CX)? To find out, Government Business Council (GBC) recently polled a random sample of 212 federal employees.

Balancing Mobility and Security

The past several years have seen unprecedented focus on mobility and wireless access across the federal government — and it's up to agencies to devise policies that marry state-of-the-art tools with robust data security. To explore how effectively agencies are accomplishing this goal, Government Business Council polled a random sample of 158 federal employees in March 2018.

How Connected Are You?

The federal workforce increasingly depends on fast, uninterrupted access to work materials and information — so how effectively are organizations accommodating these needs? To answer this question, Government Business Council polled a random sample of 148 federal employees in March 2018.

Critical Priorities for Local Government: A Candid Survey of Local Government Officials and Agency Leaders (Report)

What are the biggest priorities for leaders in city and county government? Read this survey report from Route Fifty and Government Business Council (GBC) to find out.

What the MGT Act Means for Your Agency's IT

The Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act was signed into law on December 12, 2017, and agency officials are considering other options outside of migrating their systems to the cloud.

Maximizing Mission Integrity: A Survey of Program Officers at Federal Health Agencies

GBC surveyed federal program managers at leading federal health agencies to identify challenges to program integrity in the mission space.

Woman doctor using tablet computer in hospital

Maximizing Mission Integrity

Federal health agencies must address program vulnerabilities to ensure integrity and reduce risk.

Infographic: Shedding Light on Invisible Data

A new infographic by GBC explores the dark data dilemma in the federal government.