Acting on Advanced Analytics

A poll of government workers on data analytics within their agency

Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation: Protecting American Data

A look into strengthening and automating the country's cyber protections

The Government Workforce Crisis

Recruiting the New Generation of Leaders

Joint All Domain Command & Control (JADC2)

Defense One takes a look inside the Pentagon’s effort — dubbed Joint All-Domain Command and Control, or JADC2 — to get every service branch’s battle networks to talk to each other.

How Infrastructure as-a-Service Accelerates IT Modernization

How can organizations make their operation agile and mitigate the complexities of IT modernization? The as-a-Service model is the gateway to achieving modernization quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, with greater confidence.

ServiceNow and the DoD: Realizing the National Defense Strategy

ServiceNow is proud to work with the DoD to meet the challenges of today and build the foundation for a future-proof combat-ready military force that can deter war and protect the security of our nation. Working together, we can transform the operations of our national defense to compete, deter, and win. The value provided by our solutions align with the objectives of the National Defense Strategy (NDS) and the DoD Data Strategy.

Driving Data to DoD Software Factories with Mission-ready Kafka

In the move towards agile DevSecOps, older waterfall development methodologies must be overhauled and improved. The DoD recognizes the advantage of being able to fail fast and rapidly iterate on new mission capabilities in order to best support the war fighter. This requires near-immediate access to data services for rapid app development and the ability to stream data to apps in real-time so that users can respond as events occur. Meeting this demand means having the ability to easily create, use and repackage data services across all data producers and consumers. The resulting modular approach to data improves accountability, program effectiveness, and ultimately mission success.

The Government Workforce Crisis

Local, state, and federal governments are facing challenges in hiring and retaining young employees; however, the telework transition due to COVID -19 brings opportunity to reevaluate current workforce management practices.

The Latest in Remote Government

In this eBook, Route Fifty takes a look at Covid-19's lasting mark on remote work in state and local agencies, and which telework practices will outlast the pandemic.

Q&A: Public Sector and the Remote Workforce

Telework was the only way some government agencies could deliver services during COVID-19. The pandemic has delivered enormous challenges to state and local governments, leading to layoffs, furloughs and budget shortfalls, drawing comparisons to the Great Recession of 2009. What will the future look like after this latest crisis? Learn what two government experts think about the impacts of telework, from employee engagement and performance management to cybersecurity issues and overtime claims.

Understanding the Federal Data Strategy

Embracing the future of federal data management

The Case for Investing in Federal Employees

This eBook looks at why human capital should be a top priority for federal leaders. It also explores how the Biden administration can make government more effective by taking new approaches to performance management and employee engagement.

Data in Crisis

A Poll of State and Local Government Officials on Financial Reporting Challenges

Safeguarding Unemployment Insurance Benefits from Fraud

Fraud mitigation techniques for individuals, employers, and state agencies

The Transition of Power

In this eBook, Defense One chronicles what to expect from the new administration, key players, defense spending and strategy predictions, global and domestic politics governing major decisions to come.

5G: A New Dimension of Opportunity and Risk

Agencies across the federal government are preparing for 5G connectivity. With the promise of super-fast speeds and stronger authentication mechanisms, 5G-powered networks present significant benefits and exciting new possibilities

5G in Action

In this eBook, Nextgov highlights how civilian and defense agencies are laying the groundwork for next-generation communications.

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