Fears of Transmission in May Ring True in June

After maximal telework policies were put into place in mid-March, sweeping numbers of the government employees have been working from home. Government Business Council partnered with Defense One to ask over 600 Defense One readers about COVID-19's impact on the work and personal lives of government employees, as well as their evaluation of leadership.

The Telework Network

A flash poll on federal telework and employee confidence in their network's ability to meet demand.

Ways to Jump Cultural Hurdles to Realize Effective Government DevSecOps

As with anything new, technology challenges are much simpler to overcome than cultural ones. Industry experts offer insight into how agency and IT leaders can move past cultural opposition.

Efficiently Modernizing Government Data Environments

How can government enterprises modernize their data infrastructures efficiently to advance their digital ambitions when they must contend with IT environments that are highly heterogeneous, siloed, and populated with hard-to-access, legacy systems? Building and running applications have fundamentally changed with the advent of cloud, DevOps, and microservices. Combined with Confluent, these approaches and technologies make it possible for government organizations to easily inject legacy data sources into new, modern applications and adapt to changing real world circumstances faster than ever. Download this solution brief to learn more.

The Role of Chief Data Officers

Nextgov dives into what chief data officers are doing across government, their impact, and their potential to create meaningful change through improved use of the government’s data.

Mission Critical: 3 Ways Tech Helps Agencies Respond to COVID-19

Here’s how the public sector is partnering with industry leaders to serve their constituents during a pandemic.

How Your Agency Can Make the Next Phase of Remote Work a Success

As agencies move past the initial whiplash of the shift to remote work, Kelsey Nelson of Okta offers insights into how they can make the most of remote tools and environments in the long term.

Guide to Efficiency Tools for Local Governments

Local governments today face a challenging reality that can often feel like walking a tightrope. Common issues include: budgetary restrictions, lack of resources, and aging infrastructure, to name a few. These challenges, coupled with today’s economic environment mean it is now more important than ever to work smarter, not harder. Find out which tools Dude Solutions recommends for local governments that will help improve their operations and citizen satisfaction.

Special Operations Technology

Defense One takes a look at the latest tools being developed, tested and used by the military's elite special operators.

A Government Leader's Book of Best Practices

Get the best practices from public sector's experience with the cloud. This advice serves as the perfect “to-do” list for departments and agencies looking to modernize services, transform the mission, and meet the demands of today’s digital era. And we’ve collected them all in this eBook.

New Initiatives in Public Health

Route Fifty takes a look at programs that are helping governments improve public health, both dealing with the coronavirus and beyond the pandemic.

Achieving Mission Success: Practical AI for Clinical Operations

Red Hat has developed a means of using applied AI to help hospitals create schedules to optimize resources and patient care. Red Hat Business Optimizer planning engine uses applied AI to model resources and constraints and automatically generate recommended solutions to overcome those obstacles.

A New Trajectory for Telehealth

Telehealth services have never been more essential. Explore programs with track records for helping improve health outcomes.

Trust in Zero Trust?

Should you trust everything that's within your network? To learn more about Zero Trust in federal government, Government Business Council (GBC) polled federal government officials in June 2020 on Zero Trust cybersecurity.

The Future of Government Finance: State and Local Leaders Look to Technology to Manage Spending

With the proper automated systems and processes in place, agencies can manage their finances more responsibly — and, in turn, have a greater impact on the communities they serve.

Rapid Deployment: Why DoD Is Ready for the DevSecOps Era

Experts from industry offer best practices from the commercial sector for the defense sector’s implementation of DevSecOps.

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