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Survey Series: Confidence in Back Pay Grows While Opposition to Shutdown, Wall Continues

On January 14, 2019, Government Business Council (GBC) and issued the second poll in a survey series assessing attitudes and opinions about the ongoing government shutdown among federal government employees.

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Flash Poll: Adapting to Regulations in the Age of Innovation

New technologies and markets are delivering both innovation and disruption to communities and states. Many agencies are still working to adapt to the new regulations stemming from these emerging industries.

Digital Disaster Resilience in State and Local Government

When an emergency hits, communities must come together to adequately respond to and transition out of catastrophe. Ensuring a timely and effective response requires a whole-of-government effort — including teams on the front lines of digital service delivery.

Survey: Attitudes Towards Government Shutdown Among Federal Employees

On December 27-28, 2018, Government Business Council (GBC) and fielded a survey assessing attitudes and opinions about the ongoing government shutdown among federal government employees.

Spotlighting Mobile Security: Government Workers Speak Out

The government has increasingly strict standards for securing mobile devices, but a recent poll of federal employees reveals notable skepticism regarding such security. View Government Business Council's latest infographic to learn more.

Flash Poll: Government's AI Odyssey

GBC polled more than 100 federal employees on their agency's artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities. Click here to learn what we found.

Flash Poll: Secure Mobility without Perimeters

GBC polled 306 government employees on the prevalence and scope of mobile threats within their organizations. Click here to read the results.

Accelerated Intelligence

GBC polled federal attendees at the Accelerated AI workshop held in Washington, DC on November 13, 2018. Click here to view an infographic detailing their opinions for how AI can deliver the greatest value to the government workforce.

The High Cost of Poor Citizen Service

Service disruptions can create disillusioned citizens and undermine faith in government offerings. Read GBC's new issue brief to understand why government can no longer afford to provide sub-par services to citizens.

The New Spectrum: A Survey of Mobile Connectivity in the Federal Workforce

GBC surveyed hundreds of federal employees about the state of mobile connectivity in their agencies. Click here to read the results.