Disaster Recovery and Resilience

Hurricanes, floods, wildfires and other natural and human-caused disasters are major tests for states and localities in their preparation and response. But what comes next—the recovery—is often the biggest test of all. Route Fifty features a set of stories about how communities hit by major disasters recovered or the steps they are taking to safely rebuild.

The Ultimate Guide to Government CX

"A partner who is as customer-centric as your organization is the true North Star to modernization success.”

Emerging Technology Trends

A look at developments in innovation across the federal technology landscape in 2019.

7 Essential Finance Dashboard Strategies

How can well-designed finance dashboards give finance teams, as well as organizational leadership, the trustworthy and up-to-date analysis they need, when they need it, in a format that will resonate?

Speed, Security, Satisfaction: Call Center Inbound Authentication

Despite the rise of other communication channels, phones are still the best way to convey information quickly and securely. Current call center models rely on agent authentication, but there is a better way. Automated authentication methods can increase speed, security, and satisfaction of customer-employee interactions.

Beyond the Cusp of Innovation for State and Local Government

2019 has been a particularly challenging year for state chief information officers: They faced unprecedented turnover and tackled both ransomware attacks and emergency response to natural disasters. Amid this uncertainty, protecting and improving the citizen experience across the country remained a high priority for these executives — something a group of CIOs at this year’s annual National Association of State Chief Information Officers conference in Nashville emphasized.

A Testing Ground for Tech: OCR 2019 Explores the Art of the Possible for First Responder Community

Two technology giants joined forces to create a unique experience for first responders, bringing together the crisis management community with technology innovators who help empower them to respond to any disaster, natural or manmade.

Using Open Data to Improve Financial Accountability in Public Sector

How can public sector organizations engender public trust in government through open data and transparency?

When Cyberattacks Turn Physical, Tech Proves Vital to Response at OCR 2019

During Operation Convergent Response 2019, a simulation illustrates how technology helps cyber teams and first responders mitigate a powerful ransomware attack on critical infrastructure.

Ecosystem of Tech Powers Emergency Responders in Real Time at Operation Convergent Response

During Operation Convergent Response 2019, technology takes center stage as AI and telehealth tools demonstrate emergency response and communications in a decontamination simulation.

Technology Fuels Efforts to Quell Wildfires at OCR 2019

As wildfires ravage different parts of the country, a demonstration at Operation Convergent Response 2019 shows how coordinated efforts fueled by technology can help first responders on the ground tackle a blazing inferno.

Enabling Data-Driven and Cloud Smart Government

The Federal Data Strategy and the President’s Management Agenda call on agencies to leverage data as a strategic asset. Learn how you can address the challenges of data silos, secure data sharing, workforce culture, and more with this ebook on Enabling Data-Driven and Cloud Smart Government.

Mission-Ready Mobility: Built for the Hyper-Enabled Operator

Tactical teams constantly adapt to evolving threats and operating environments. Operators require reliable access to voice, video and data communications to execute the mission and get home safely.

Cyber in the Era of Great Power Competition

With its allies, the United States is working to sustain and build on its current technological prowess in the cyber domain. Here’s a look at the latest advances in that competition and a foreshadowing of where that contest is going next.

5 Best Practices For Public Sector IT Procurement

In government, strategic technology deployments can increase productivity and reduce costs. Deploying new technology that meets compliance regulations is vital to the success of any organization. Purchasing and implementing the optimal solutions within a governmental body can be particularly challenging due to each department and agency’s unique composition and specific security requirements. To help navigate the complex public sector landscape, Brother outlines five Best Practices to assist acquisition professionals. This will help contract professionals to avoid pitfalls in the procurement process.

The Cybersecurity Challenge

The Defense Department operates in a world in which cybersecurity threats are ever-present and evolving rapidly. In this eBook, Defense One looks at how the military is meeting the challenge.

Flash Poll: Capturing the Power of Cloud

Government Business Council asked local, state, and federal employees to evaluate their agencies' cloud journeys --- how far they've come and what the next evolution of cloud might look like.

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