Data: Strategic Asset or Information Overload?

In Government Business Council's latest flash poll, we asked federal civilians about their organization's ability to manage data effectively.

How Governments Anticipate Operational Blind Spots with GIS

Agency-wide, Defense Logistics Agency employees individually maintained records of data points in unsynchronized and decentralized information systems. Naturally, the data became siloed, making sharing and leveraging the information a huge challenge. To better organize, visualize and manage its vast array of assets, the DLA recently began integrating geographic information systems, better known as GIS, into its operations, tapping the tool to consolidate thousands of records into a single, centralized location, that can be accessed by employees at any time, and greatly improving workflow and logistics management.

Mission: Space

There’s a lot going on in space, and in the terrestrial organizations devoted to expanding their military’s abilities to launch, operate, repair, defend — and yes, attack satellites.

Vegas Sets the Stage for Smart City Success

With the help of smart city technology, Las Vegas successfully transformed its streets to better serve residents and visitors.

Executive Briefing Series: Identity and Access Management

In this executive briefing, learn about Akamai’s solutions to Identity and Access Management. For government agencies, identity is the bedrock of balancing security with convenience. Learn from multiple experts on cutting edge strategy and tactics to protect your agency.

The State of Military Communications Technologies

GBC's new research survey of DoD professionals gauges the state of military communications technologies in 2019 and beyond.

IT Consolidation - What’s Next for Government and Education Modernization Initiatives?

IT consolidation has been a high-priority government and education initiative for many years. While many state and education organizations are already on board, or boarding quickly, the move may be born of a different catalyst than you may expect—certainly different than federal agencies.

A Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Right Agenda & Meeting Management Solution for Local Governments

Local governments often find themselves lagging behind with inefficient agenda and meeting management systems. In order for an organization to operate effectively, the solution in place must work for council members, City Managers, Clerks and employees so that meetings run smoothly and drive decisions that benefit the community. Our Buyer’s Guide breaks down key evaluation criteria when searching for the right agenda and meeting management solution, as well as best practices for the buying process.

Network Technologies Transforming State & Local Public Safety

First responders depend on connected technologies to help quickly provide life-saving assistance, deal with emergencies, and bring order to chaotic situations. Cradlepoint is proud to connect and serve first responders with technology designed to work when agencies, officers, and the community need connectivity the most. Cradlepoint offers advancements in cloud management to save valuable hours and costs by performing critical management functions remotely from a cloud-based management platform, security built into all levels, ruggedized hardware for a resilient network that will hold up in harsh environments, and simple scaling as technologies evolve. Learn how first responder agencies are finding success using LTE networking solutions at the station and in the field.

The Path to Cyber Resilience

In this latest report from Government Business Council (GBC), 500 government decision-makers reveal their top cybersecurity pain points and priorities for the years ahead.

How Agencies Can Modernize Without Disruption

To better serve citizens, agencies must work to implement new technologies while at the same time improving security and operational reliability.

Fixing Government's Performance Problems

Rethinking the preparation and support for managers and supervisors would pay big dividends.

Adaptable Security: A New Frontier for the Mobile Federal Workforce

In order to embrace a more mobile workforce, government stakeholders need communication tools that factor in real risks, perceived risks, and future risks for a strengthened, comprehensive security posture.

Defense Leadership Guidebook

The Defense Department leaders of the Trump administration’s first few years will be remembered for the strategic elevation of “great power competition” over terrorism, a focus on high-tech weapons of the future, and a media blackout of sorts never seen before.

Purpose-Driven Government

The public sector is experiencing colossal changes that challenge models of the traditional workforce. In today's demanding environment where employees are expected to deliver more results faster, and with fewer resources, what can agencies do to implement a more purpose-driven model of government?

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