The Federal Government’s Pursuit of Cloud

In an age defined by technological innovation, organizations are racing to implement the most cutting-edge tools — and their attention is increasingly turning toward cloud computing. Already a firmly established feature in the private sector, the cloud is also making its way into government: the White House’s February 2011 “Cloud First” policy outlined a bold new direction for government IT reform, and in the years since, federal agencies have rapidly warmed to the idea of cloud technologies as a critical enabler of enhanced database storage and computing capabilities.

6 Secrets to Offering Exceptional Customer Service

The vast majority of people are not experiencing great service. Nearly a third of consumers believe that businesses are now paying less attention to providing good customer service. On top of that, just 7% of those polled say that customer service experiences they have with companies typically exceed their expectations. Now think about how you could succeed and profit as a business if you not only continually offered good service to your customers, but also frequently offered more than what they expected.

Agencies Embrace Security at Scale in the Cloud

A new survey sheds light on the sentiment around today's cybersecurity readiness in federal government.

Flash Poll: Zero Trust Security

Government Business Council asked DoD and Intelligence Community employees a simple question: how do you protect your data? The findings we got back signify much deeper implications for government's data security.

Flash Poll: The Connected Ecosystem

Government Business Council polled federal employees about their thoughts and hopes for the Internet of Things.

Strengthening Federal Cybersecurity Capabilities

Government Business Council (GBC) interviewed top cyber officials at the Department of Education, NASA, and FEMA to see how they are safeguarding the nation’s most sensitive cyber assets.

4 Steps to Creating a Smart City

Thoughtful leadership, trust and perseverance are just a few of the principles that make smart cities a success, according to Martin O’Malley, former Maryland governor and Baltimore mayor.

From Aspiration to Transformation: Insights from Public Sector Leaders

GBC surveyed hundreds of federal, state, and local employees to identify the role data, technology, and process each play in efforts to enhance government performance.

Two Times the Punch: New Deepstrike Missile Has Double the Impact

Raytheon is developing a long-range missile for the U.S. Army’s Precision Strike Missile requirement, one that will field twice as many missiles on its existing launch vehicles.

Perspectives: A retiree health care solution for today’s economy

As a result of GASB Statement 75, retiree health care liabilities are now measured in a more marked-to-market fashion, making them more visible — as they are required to be prominently displayed in financial reports. As GASB pressures combine with rising health care costs, a growing number of public entities and retirement systems are cutting costs and reducing OPEB liabilities by shifting retirees from a traditional group health care insurance model to an individual Medicare marketplace.

The Government's Artificial Intelligence Reality

Federal technologists have spent years hyping the potential for artificial intelligence to transform the way government serves citizens, but for most agencies, the tech is still more of an aspiration than a reality. While some basic machine-learning and automation programs are underway, many technical and organizational obstacles stand between today’s federal tech experts and the AI-powered future they want to achieve.

Threat Detected: Cybersecurity at Scale in the Federal Government

In this issue brief, Government Business Council looks into the evolving security landscape facing federal IT systems. Can anything be done to shore off a wave of encroaching threats?

Energy as a Service: A Cost-Effective Path to Energy Resilience for the Federal Government

Today, energy resilience, supply, management, and assurance are top concerns within the U.S. federal government, especially for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and its military branches. Ensuring continuity of operations amidst rising energy costs, compliance with government mandates, and the continual threat of cyber attacks, natural disasters, and adversarial risks has become more and more challenging.

Workday and Pierce County, Washington: Achieving a Mission of Service

Pierce County's goal is to deliver customer-focused government technology services to enhance livability in their county. They have a mission of technology excellence, efficiency, and economy. That’s why Pierce County turned to Workday to streamline the way that payroll, benefits, and time-tracking services are delivered.

Issues in City and County Management

Discover how local governments across the country are changing the way they recruit and retain top talent, manage retirements, and create workplace programs that work for employees.

Driven by Experience: Your complete guide to revolutionizing document and signature processes

Modernization isn't easy, but it's worth it. Implementing new digital workflows help agencies decrease processes from days to minutes. In this guide, you will learn how a digitized government: implements modern digital workflows; integrates electronic signatures with current document processes; increases agency-wide efficiency; delivers experiences that delight citizens; inspires and engages employees; and reduces paper-based costs. Additionally, you'll learn how cloud solutions can help governments go 100% digital.

Targeted Ransomware: An ISTR Special Report

Current trends indicate that targeted ransomware is attracting a high degree of interest among cyber criminals, with new groups appearing at an accelerating pace, motivated no doubt by the success of some recent attacks. Organizations need to make themselves aware of the threat posed by targeted ransomware attacks and ensure that they have robust defenses in place to deter attackers.

Buying As A Service: A Playbook for Federal Buyers and Acquisition Personnel

GBC's new playbook, informed by a survey of federal IT buyers, presents a set of recommendations for how acquisition and procurement officers can transition to improved buying models.

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