Enabling Zero Trust for Data Analytics

<p>Driven by agency data strategies and department-level modernization efforts, programs across the Federal Government have recognized the tremendous potential of data and the application of analytics to improve decision-making. At the same time, we are facing significant threats, ranging from ransomware attacks to state-sponsored espionage, that are only exacerbated with the shift to the cloud and remote/hybrid work models. An architecture informed by Zero Trust principles is necessary to ensure that data and systems can be protected from malicious actors, and a centralized data security platform can ensure that access is enforced consistently and transparently across a complex data enterprise.</p> <p></p> <p>Download this paper to learn how Immuta&rsquo;s Data Security Platform uniquely and efficiently enables Zero Trust security for data analytics, resulting in faster time to insights, lower operational overhead, and more effective achievement of data strategy goals.</p>

Exploring Government Tactics for Data Utilization

A Flash Poll on the Federal Government's Adoption of Technology in Enhancing Data Usage and Customer Experience

Get on the Fast Track to Pain-Free Permitting

<p>How to transform your permit process for operational efficiency, economic growth, and happier citizens.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Permitting is essential to businesses, construction projects, and special events.&nbsp;But what if your permit process needs help? How do you address concerns before they become issues?&nbsp;&nbsp;In our eBook, we&rsquo;ll cover issues with traditional permitting and how you can adopt a more efficient solution. &nbsp;</p> <p>Learn how to:&nbsp;</p> <p> Improve trust and transparency&nbsp;<br />  Boost operational efficiency&nbsp;<br />  Empower data-driven decisions&nbsp;<br />  Grow economies&nbsp;</p> <p>So what are you waiting for? Revolutionize your permit counter by downloading your copy today.</p>

Modernizing Public Sector HR Operations

<p>In a world where 31% of U.S. government employees are on the brink of retirement, the urgency to recruit and retain a new generation is paramount.</p> <p>Discover how Workday&#39;s HCM, Payroll and Adaptive Planning systems &mdash; coupled with Alight&#39;s&nbsp;expertise &mdash; transforms HR operations. From bridging the expertise gap with emerging talent to thriving in the face of budget constraints, this paper is your roadmap to becoming an employer of choice.</p>

Get the most out of your cloud-based HCM

<p>According to an Alight study, more than half of the 271 organizations surveyed failed to achieve measurable value from software-as-a-service (SaaS) investments. Alight can confidently guide your adoption of modern HR technology and help you to leverage its capabilities to deliver positive outcomes for your constituents.</p> <p>Read &quot;Getting the Most from Your Cloud-Based HCM&quot; to explore crucial insights, real-world case studies, and actionable strategies that can ensure your success long after you go live.</p>

Government IT in the digital age

<p>In today&#39;s digital-centric world, a herculean undertaking rests on the shoulders of government IT teams. They are not only charged with guaranteeing that internal operations and workflows are both effective and secure, but also ensuring countless constituent services and programs run smoothly. IT teams are asked to deliver all this while maneuvering near-constant cyberattacks, an ever-increasing influx of data, and navigating the continuous proliferation of tools and platforms.&nbsp;</p> <p>Here, Feathers and John Ahern, principal solution marketing manager for BMC, discuss key obstacles the public sector faces with IT modernization and how BMC&#39;s AIOps capabilities can help government organizations enhance security and efficiency in meeting the mission.&nbsp;</p>

Reimagining fraud prevention: Modernization for emergency relief programs and beyond

<p>Pandemic relief programs helped federal agencies provide an emergency lifeline to countless residents and businesses. However, the scope, scale and speed with which payments needed to be dispersed left programs vulnerable to fraud. In this article, Brian D. Miller, special inspector general for Pandemic Recovery, and Amanda Warfield, Vice President of program integrity at Optum Serve, discuss the challenges the public sector faces in recovery efforts, and key solutions to help tackle pandemic fraud and secure programs against further abuse.&nbsp;</p>

Decoding the Future

Creativity and Innovation in Smart Cities

Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence - Transforming the U.S. Government

<p>In recent months, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become a prominent and vital solution to mounting cybersecurity challenges in the Federal government. AI is drastically and quickly shifting the cybersecurity landscape, which is thrusting federal agencies to the forefront of innovation like never before. Neglecting to innovate risks missed opportunities and increased cybersecurity vulnerabilities.</p> <p><br /> The Advanced Technology Academic Research Center (ATARC), in partnership with Palo Alto Networks, hosted a roundtable of federal experts to discuss the complex challenges AI brings.</p>

Powering Government in the Digital Age

<p>Cloud computing is becoming an increasingly important tool in the federal IT leader&rsquo;s workbox. With more agencies and departments looking to move existing workloads to the cloud, what do leaders need to know?</p>

The Changing Transportation Landscape

<p>Across the country, state and local transportation agencies are rethinking how policy, funding, and technology can improve transit safety and efficiency. In this eBook,&nbsp;<em>Route Fifty</em> dives into the details.</p>

How public sector organizations are using Elasticsearch

<p>Because Elasticsearch was built on an open, flexible foundation, there are countless ways that organizations are using Elastic technology to meet their goals.</p> <p>Some of the most interesting Elasticsearch use cases come from government, education, healthcare, and defense organizations that are implementing Elasticsearch to better serve the public, such as by:</p> <ul> <li>Improving patient outcomes by detecting data patterns</li> <li>Accelerating criminal investigations</li> <li>Facilitating secure cross-organizational data sharing</li> <li>Integrating geospatial data analysis</li> </ul>

Private Wireless Simplified

<p>Kajeet is excited to indroduce Kajeet Private Wireless, thier next-generation, cloud-based, private 5G and LTE platform. They designed this solution to simplify private wireless, delivering everything required to easily design, install, and manage a private wireless network. Learn more!&nbsp;</p>

5G with Druid Software

<p>Druid&rsquo;s 5G cellular solutions are built on thier Raemis&trade; technology platform, which is comprised of a 3GPP compliant 4G/5G core, RestAPI and additional functionality. Learn how Raemis is more than just a network core.&nbsp;</p>

Equitable Broadband Access: 3 Ways States are Bridging the Divide

<p>Broadband access is crucial for modern communication, education, work, and entertainment. Billions of dollars in federal funds have been made available for nationwide broadband expansion, and it&rsquo;s up to state and local governments to decide how to allocate those funds equitably and effectively.&nbsp;</p> <p>In a recent roundtable hosted by GovExec and Comcast Business, experts gathered to address the current status of broadband accessibility and the specific obstacles to expanding infrastructure in their states.&nbsp;</p> <p>Download this asset to learn the three strategies for securing public-private partnerships and valuable insights into how technology can drive innovation for the benefit of public sector employees and citizens.</p>

Building a smarter military base

<p>How network modernization can help boost security, efficiency, and morale.</p>

Open Season Guide 2024

<p> <style type="text/css"><!--br {mso-data-placement:same-cell;}--> </style> Open season offers an opportunity to rebalance critical health benefits. This special report offers tips for evaluating your needs and selecting the right plan.</p>

Industry Brief: OSINT for US Defense & National Security

<p>When it comes to defense and national security threat monitoring, the value of publicly available information and open-source-intelligence (OSINT) is often overlooked in favor of classified sources.&nbsp;In this industry brief, we explore the complementary role that OSINT can play to traditional forms of intelligence. Learn how the vastness of open-source information can be leveraged to further situational awareness, understand disinformation efforts, uncover violent extremism threats, assess military capability and more.</p>

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