TSP's C Fund up almost 4 percent

TSP's C Fund up almost 4 percent


The Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board has reported that the Thrift Savings Plan's C Fund-which invests in common stocks-rose 3.99 percent in March, following a 3.09 percent drop in February.

After losing 1.74 percent in February, the F Fund (fixed-income bonds) gained 0.54 percent in March. The G Fund (government securities) was up 0.47 percent, following a gain of 0.38 percent in February.

The monthly C, F and G Fund returns reflect net earnings on the changing balances invested during the month.

Over the past year (March 1998-March 1999), the C Fund is up 18.36 percent, the F Fund 6.5 percent and the G Fund 5.56 percent.

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