New web site creates military quality of life line

New web site creates military quality of life line

Military personnel and their families have a new "lifeline" to quality of life information.

Navy Secretary Richard Danzig Wednesday launched a new Web site,, which is designed to allow service members in all braches of the armed forces all around the world obtain information.

"There is no organization in the world that has people that are so widespread," Danzig said during a press conference to unveil the site.

LIFElines provides quality of life information, support services and access around the clock via two major information channels: the LIFElines Internet Component, "QOL Mall," and the LIFELines Broadcast Component, QOL Broadcast Network.

When the "QOL Mall" is fully operational, users can "go shopping" to find information on housing, register for school and training courses, receive couseling services, obtain emergency financial assistance and medical care and purchase uniforms.

The QOL Broadcast Network will use video technology to distribute information via satellite broadcasting. The official launching of the Web site was beamed live on the Internet from a Navy television studio.

The site was designed for a military partnership led by the Navy, but also including the Marines, Coast Guard and the Defense Department's Executive Committee on Quality of Life. LIFElines Executive Director Randy Eltringham told The Washington Post she expects the Army to join as a partner in the site in the near future.

The military has spent $500,000 to create the site's basic architecture. Some portions of the site remain under construction and are unavailable.