Child Care Changes Proposed

Child Care Changes Proposed

President Clinton Tuesday ordered federal child care centers to seek full accreditation by the year 2000 so that day care for government employees' children becomes a "model for the nation."

Speaking in Bridgeport, Conn., Clinton also ordered child care centers to run criminal background checks on all employees.

"In too many states there is no checking to see if the people we trust with our children are even trustworthy in the eyes of the law," Clinton said.

Agencies also need to do a better job getting information about child care to federal workers, Clinton said. He also said the administration would make child care more affordable by working with the private sector.

Federal child care centers take care of about 215,000 children nationwide. While 76 percent of military child care centers are already accredited, only 35 percent of non-military centers are.

A bill requiring the executive branch to make many of the changes Clinton announced has been introduced in Congress. The Quality Child Care for Federal Employees Act, H.R. 2982, would also require federal child care centers to seek accreditation.

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