Senate Confirms Gina Haspel to Be the First Woman to Lead the CIA

Several Democrats set aside concerns about Haspel's past involvement in the torture of suspected terrorists.

Read more May 18, 2018 Leave a comment Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP

The White House Is Discussing Replacements For Homeland Security Chief Kirstjen Nielsen

Nielsen is being blamed in the White House for failing to get the funds for Trump's border wall.

North Korea's Dangerous Game of Telephone With the United States

Kim Jong Un “has been playing a high-risk, high-return game. And he has never lost a bet thus far.”


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Three U.S. Air Force C-5 Galaxy cargo aircraft sit lined up on the flightline at Westover Air Reserve Base, Mass.

The Air Force Is Adding Algorithms to Predict When Planes Will Break

The airlines already use predictive maintenance technology. Now the service’s materiel chief says it’s a “must-do for us.”

Nigerien soldiers receive a counter IED class during an exercise sponsored by U.S. Africa Command in Diffa, Niger, Feb. 28, 2017.

Officials Mishandled Trans-Africa Airlift Contract, Pentagon Watchdog Finds

U.S. Africa Command failed to perform a key review required for the $900 million deal.

A Reckoning for Obama's Foreign-Policy Legacy

Veterans of the last administration are learning a hard lesson: Policies constructed by executive order and executive agreement are just as easily blown up by them.

Pentagon Shows Bumpy Progress Toward Curbing Improper Payments

Watchdog hones in on failure to meet four out of six statutory requirements.

Mattis: Leaving the Nuclear Deal Will Help the U.S. Negotiate with Iran

Withdrawal will help the U.S. develop a ‘more compelling’ deal on a range of issues, SecDef told lawmakers.

An Air National Guard C-130 cargo plane after it crashed near Savannah, Georgia.

Air Force: Recent String of Crashes Isn’t a Crisis

But it will stand down every flying wing for one day to look for trends in the mishaps that claimed the lives of 18 airmen.

Trump's First Big Breakthrough in North Korea Negotiations

American detainees who were held in Pyongyang are headed home.

U.S. defense intelligence officials displayed the remnants of an Iranian-made ballistic missile launched by Houthi fighters in Yemen at Saudi Arabia, in a warehouse outside of Washington, D.C., Feb. 14, 2018.

After the Iran Deal, Here’s What the U.S. Military Is Worried About Next

Keep your eyes on Iranian ballistic missiles showing up in Yemen.

President Donald Trump shows a signed Presidential Memorandum after delivering a statement on the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday.

Trump Rips Up a 'Decaying and Rotten Deal' With Iran

President Trump said he'll begin reinstating nuclear sanctions on the Iranian regime, effectively marking the beginning of the end of the agreement.