U.S. to Send Special Forces to Iraq to Aid in Fight Against ISIS

Defense Secretary Ash Carter says they will assist rebels fighting the Islamic State and be in a position to carry out “unilateral” strikes in Syria.

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Contractor Who Delivered Faulty Weapon Sights Pays $25M

Pentagon, Homeland Security and FBI took deliveries for seven years.

ISIS ‘a Serious Threat for Some Time to Come’

Obama also said Russia is unlikely to change its tactics in Syria in the near future.


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White House Refuses to Rank Terrorism vs. Global Warming

A senior adviser to President Obama declined to say which of the two threats was more important.

Congress's AUMF Debate in the Wake of the Paris Terrorist Attacks

The Paris attacks have brought new proposals, but legislators seem no closer to passing a resolution.

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Congress Weighs In on Defense Procurement Gaps

The solution is new skills, not new rules.

An employee of Doctors Without Borders stands inside the charred remains of their hospital after it was hit by a U.S. airstrike in Kunduz, Afghanistan.

Kunduz Investigation Blames Aircrew, SOF Commander, Computers

The top U.S. general in Afghanistan detailed a stunning list of “tragic but avoidable” human and technology failures that doomed the Médecins Sans Frontières hospital.

Obama spoke at the White House Wednesday.

Obama's Speech Before Thanksgiving: There is No 'Specific, Credible Threat' to the Homeland

The president attempted to reassure a panicked populace in the wake of the Paris attacks.

A History of Sternly Written State Department Travel Warnings

As anti-terrorism operations heat up in Europe, U.S. officials issued a rare worldwide alert for Americans traveling abroad.

Hurricane Katrina flooded New Orleans in 2005.

Can the U.S. Military Construct a Disaster-Resilient City?

Cities are incredibly complex, and break in complicated ways. Understanding that complexity will be key to mitigating tomorrow’s disasters.


Next Step in DOD-VA Health Records Sharing: Doctors’ Scribbles and Other ‘Unstructured’ Data

One of the most important aspects of DOD’s future electronic health records system is its ability to pull in and display unstructured data in raw text from electronic health records.


Pentagon Ready to Certify Health Records Interoperability with VA

DOD says it has surpassed congressional requirements for sharing data with VA.

Air Marshal Whistleblower Wins Job Restoration With Back Pay

Merit Systems Protection Board backs MacLean over the Homeland Security Department.