Defense Policy Bill Establishes a Defense Civilian Training Corps

The corps will address “critical skills gaps” in the department’s workforce.

The Space Force Appears Cleared For Launch

Lawmakers hint that bipartisan National Defense Authorization Act will create a new military branch.

Analysis: Why the U.S. Military Usually Punishes Misconduct but Police Often Close Ranks

No "blue wall of silence:" A military lawyer explains why the US armed forces take accountability and justice seriously.

Virtual Reality Is Great, But Only If It Works for Troops in Zombieland

Reducing our warfighters to platforms and weapons systems does them and the nation a disservice.

Viewpoint: How Trump Turned the Military Against Itself

The president’s repeated interference in a Navy SEAL’s case shows that he cares about only one kind of military discipline—obedience to Trump.

Defense Department Fails Its Second Audit, Yet Is Making Progress

This was only the second audit completed for the Pentagon since a 1990 law required them.

Spy Agencies Stopped Collecting GPS, Phone Location Data Last Year

The decision came in the wake of a Supreme Court decision restricting law enforcement’s use of such information.

Apprehensions of Undocumented Immigrants on the Southwest Border Continue to Fall

The figure is the lowest since July 2018 and marks the fifth consecutive month that the number has dropped.

Defense Chief: Expect ‘Trimming, Reducing, Some Eliminations’ in 2021 Budget

Esper touts "good progress" in high-level review intended to cut fat and find funds for projects to counter China and Russia.

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The Slow-Boil Revolt: Retired Senior Military Officers Face a Dilemma

They're growing more concerned that the Trump administration doesn’t want their advice, and struggling with how much they can say publicly.

Viewpoint: How Best to Thank a Veteran? Avoid More Unjust Wars

A 2017 poll found that about half of Americans would support launching an unprovoked war on a country that poses no near-term threat.

At Long Last, the F-35 and F-22 Might Talk to Each Other

And once service officials can digitally link two of the military’s stealthiest platforms, they’re going to try to link everything else.

Viewpoint: Stop Denigrating the Civilian National Security Workforce and Fix It

To understaff and undermanage the military's civilian counterparts does our uniformed force an enormous disservice and undermines U.S. security.

The Air Force’s ‘Doomsday Plane’ Is in the Shop

The E-4B, a plane that would quarterback a nuclear war, has lost its secondary mission as the secretary of Defense's main long-haul ride.

SecDef: China Is Exporting Killer Robots to the Mideast

For the first time, a senior Defense official has called out Beijing for selling lethal autonomy.

General: Trump Pullout Did Not Affect Baghdadi Raid Timing

“We struck because the time was about right,” said CENTCOM’s Gen. Frank McKenzie, of intelligence and other factors.

Viewpoint: Take It From Me, the Attacks on Vindman Are Disgraceful

I was born abroad and served. So did my three younger brothers. If Vindman is suspicious, are we?