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Tony Reardon

National President, National Treasury Employees Union


NTEU: Federal Employees Need Security, Not Scorn

Union leader asks agency heads to conduct a thorough review of all security protocols and protections at their work sites.

Pay & Benefits

Paid Family Leave Deserves a Debate, Not Histrionics

It is possible to ask meaningful questions about the need for the program without attacking the federal workforce.


A Commitment to Admire

While the political winds may shift in Washington, the nonpartisan civil servants in every state and territory are part of the bedrock of our democracy.


Confronting Racism is Our American Duty

Any guidance on how employees can better understand and respect others is a sign of progress in a civilized society, not a threat to it, argues the leader of the National Treasury Employees Union.


Protect the Workers Who Protect Us

The pandemic has laid bare the inherent risk federal employees face when duty to serve the public conflicts with the right to health and safety.


Viewpoint: Now We Know the Real Reason for Agency Relocations

Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney took disdain for the nation’s civil servants to a whole new level, says a federal union leader.


Federal Employees Deserve the Nation’s Gratitude

From all the misguided rhetoric, you’d think all federal employees are bureaucrats or paper pushers.