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Thu-Huong Ha


The Rocky Trump Transition Is Headed To Netflix, Thanks To Barack Obama And Michael Lewis

Michael Lewis's "The Fifth Risk" is about the botched transition from Obama‘s federal government to Trump‘s.


The Man Behind Trump’s Trade War Once Negotiated Using a Paper Airplane

During one Japanese presentation, he devoted his attention to playfully disassembling his microphone."


The First Rule Of Public Speaking, According To an Expert On Eloquence

In "The Gift of the Gab," linguist David Crystal explains why you should never trust anyone who lets you go on for too long.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Advice to Women on How to Use Your Voice to Be Taken Seriously

In an interview with Charlie Rose, the justice also said she had "no doubt" sexism played a role in the 2016 election.


A Powerful Image of Michelle Obama and George W. Bush For the Ages

The photo clearly resonates with a country grappling with its own history of racism and slavery


Amy Schumer’s New Book on How to Be a Boss

"I try to set a good example for my staff to let them know they are welcome to do the same."


This is What 365 Days Without a Vacation Does to Your Health

Your body, brain, and even your boss will thank you for some real time off.