Does the Government Track Anti-Public-Land Extremists?

Some Democrats allege that the Department of the Interior isn’t doing enough to protect public-land employees.


What Does Trump's Budget Mean for the Environment?

His proposal would gut federal enforcement and effectively halt many Superfund cleanups.


Congress and Trump Won't 'Terminate the EPA'

Instead, they’ll restrict the agency in far subtler ways.


Who Abused Their Executive Power at Standing Rock?

Under the Obama administration, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said the project needed an environmental-impact review. Now, the Corps has reversed course.


Obama's Environmental Legacy, in Two Buttes

The Bears Ears National Monument captures much of what made President Obama inspiring to his supporters—and frustrating to his critics.


Trump’s EPA Pick Is Skeptical of More Than Just Climate Change

As Oklahoma attorney general, Scott Pruitt sued the federal government to prevent rules about air and water pollution from taking effect.


Why the EPA Doesn't Regulate Ocean Acidification

In part, it’s because no one knows how best to do it yet.


The Library of Congress Gets a History-Making New Leader

Carla Hayden is the first woman and African American to serve as Librarian of Congress.


POSYDON Is Like GPS, But for Underwater Drones

The U.S. Navy is developing a new kind of system—built specifically for drone submarines.


Obama Administration Abandons Plans to Drill in the Atlantic Ocean

Oil and gas exploration off the coast of Alaska and in the Gulf of Mexico will move forward.


The Supreme Court Didn't Block These White House Climate Initiatives

Even without the Clean Power Plan, dozens of administration regulations are still shifting energy use.


Supreme Court Blocks Obama's Climate-Change Plan

The high court halts a major EPA regulation Tuesday as lower courts deliberate its future.


The U.S. Predicted the Ethiopian Food Crisis Months Ago

A USAID program can predict food insecurity before it occurs. But the warnings aren’t always heeded.


Why Are Government Weather Forecasts So Shouty?

They’re one of the best products put out by the National Weather Service. But they have a certain style.


NASA's 2016 Budget Is the Biggest in At Least a Decade

The space agency is going to spend some of the money on planetary-science missions.


How the USGS Detects Earthquakes Using Twitter

The agency learned to separate background noise from the “wow, that was an earthquake!” tweet.


How Hillary Clinton Helped Her Employees Manage Work-Life Balance

While secretary of state, she worked from home so that moms and dads could be with their kids on a snow day.


The Best Pages on Some Campaign Websites are the Ones That Are Not There

Presidential candidates obsess over every aspect of their public images—even things like 404 pages.


A New Satellite for One of the Great Space Programs

Landsat 9 will launch in 2023, and promises the continuity of a critical, long-running database for imagery of the Earth's surface.