U.S. Defense Firms Hiring Thousands Amid Record Unemployment  

Pentagon spending on missiles, satellites, and nuclear weapons fuels a production boom, as firms fight off commercial aerospace downturn.


Navy Picks Wisconsin’s Fincantieri Marinette Marine to Build New Frigate

Awarded months ahead of schedule, the contract further solidifies the shipbuilder’s U.S. foothold.


Global Defense Spending Decline Expected As Nations Deal with Coronavirus 

Experts see domestic projects taking priority over national security in the coming years.


Will the U.S. Navy Sink Iranian Fast Boats in the Gulf? Maybe, Maybe Not

It may be time to formalize how orders are passed from the White House to the military.


Lockheed Martin Expects Coronavirus to Delay F-35 Deliveries

Although the company still forecasts an increase in sales, the delays could cost $375 million.


Pentagon Urges Mexico to Reopen COVID-Closed Factories That Supply U.S. Weapon Makers

A surprising number of America’s defense manufacturers rely on parts made south of the border.


The Owner’s Manual for Trump’s New Air Force One Cost $84 Million

The Air Force quietly announced that Boeing’s manuals for Trump’s new $5.3 billion presidential jets are a bit pricier than your average automobile-repair guides.


Pentagon Orders 60 Machines that Disinfect Desperately Needed N95 Masks

Each Battelle-made machine can clean up to 80,000 masks per day, allowing healthcare workers treating coronavirus patients to reuse them up to 20 times.


Pentagon Delays Budget Deadline to Help Staff Work from Home

Service officials had complained that a June 1 deadline was preventing them from implementing coronavirus-related social-distancing guidelines.


U.S. Military Can Do More to Help with Coronavirus, House Armed Services Chief Says

The House Armed Services Committee’s top Democrat says the Pentagon needs to “get creative” in its response.


Lockheed Adds 1,000 Employees Amid Coronavirus Crisis, Wants to Hire 5,000 More

The defense giant also said it would give bonuses to employees who can’t work from home.


Coronavirus Is Rising Around U.S. Military, Defense Infrastructure, Analysis Shows

The Govini assessment indicates that COVID-19 is about to hit military bases and manufacturing hubs in the southern and western United States.


Military Leaders Ask to Delay Budget Planning To Focus on Coronavirus, Let Staff Stay Home

But the Defense Department's No. 2 told Army, Navy, and Air Force budget planners to figure a different solution.


As Stocks Sink, Pentagon Fears Foreigners Will Buy Control of US Defense Firms

The coronavirus pandemic has made vetting foreign investment more important than ever, officials say.


F-35 Factories In Italy, Japan Are Reopening After Closing for Coronavirus

An assembly plant in Japan is already open and another in Italy is expected to reopen on Wednesday.


When Your Work Is Classified, ‘Work From Home’ Doesn’t Work

That’s just the start of the problems for defense employees, contract workers, and their bosses who are trying to take coronavirus precautions.


Defense Firms Limit Travel, Adapt As Coronavirus Spreads

The risks of attending trade shows are real. A three-star Army general may have been exposed to the coronavirus at a recent conference, the Pentagon said late Monday.


F-35 Factory in Japan Shuts Down Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

An F-35 plant in Italy has also been affected by virus-related restrictions.


Nothing’s ‘Irreversible,’ But the Pentagon’s New Bureaucracies Aim to Come Close

As budget hearing season gets underway, expect to hear a lot about "irreversible implementation" of changes toward great power competition.