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G. Edward DeSeve


We All Should Be Rooting for the Infrastructure Implementation Task Force

Identifying the people and places left behind in the current economy is critical.


Organizing for Recovery

The Biden administration’s rescue plan for the nation presents extraordinary challenges, but also extraordinary opportunities. Coordination at every level of government will be needed.


Striving for Excellence in Federal Management

When an administration prioritizes good management, government is capable of great things.


Your Guide to a Presidential Appointment in the Next Administration

What you need to know about the approximately 1,100 jobs the next president will fill.


Thousands of Federal Jobs Are About to Come Open, But You're Probably Not Going to Get One

When the Plum Book is released later this year, it may already be too late for many job seekers in the next administration.


Listen and Learn

Here are six critical competencies the new political appointees will need to succeed.