Congressional Outlook: A Week of Partisan Votes and Bad Blood

Confirmation vote for attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch is expected to be close.


After Rough Week, Senate to Take Bipartisan Turn

Lawmakers lay low after DHS, Iran struggles sparked high emotions.


Another Week, Another Shutdown Deadline

With the DHS clock still ticking, Congress also will tackle EPA legislation, the Keystone veto, and Netanyahu's visit.


Congress Returns With No Plan to Avoid Shutdown

Both chambers likely will spend the week refusing to budge on DHS funding.


Homeland Funding Path Murky as Recess—and a Shutdown—Loom

While leaders look for an end to DHS stalemate, the Senate will tackle nominees and the House will finalize a Keystone bill.


Obama's Budget Is Done. Now It's the GOP's Turn.

Republicans must overcome internal divides to craft the blueprint that will guide vital decisions for the rest of the year.


Lawmakers to Tackle Homeland Security Funding This Week

A week that begins with Budget Day will also include debates on the fate of Obama's health and immigration policies.


Senate Set to Join Immigration Fight

The chamber will take up the House-passed Homeland Security funding bill as early as next week.


Border Bill That DHS Chief Has Called 'Unworkable' Faces a Fight on Capitol Hill

Both Democrats and conservative Republicans oppose the measure.


Iran Bill Could Prompt Obama's First Veto Override

Pro-sanctions Democrats could team with the GOP to overcome White House opposition.

Pay & Benefits

Sanders: Obama Won't Put Social Security Cuts in Budget

Budget ranking member says the White House won't include a controversial proposal to tie benefits to inflation.


How Hard Will Senate GOP Fight on Immigration?

Unlike in the House, Senate Republicans seem more concerned with homeland security funding than fighting Obama.


Keystone Debate Will Test New Senate GOP Majority

Pipeline and immigration fights will headline a week that ends with party retreats.


As GOP Takes Over, Major Policy Debates Loom

But first, a day of Republican pomp.


Obama's Proposed Executive Action Doesn't Touch the Roots of Immigration Dysfunction

Any steps the White House may soon take won't address the real immigration problem.


Congress Fiddles While Border Crisis Grows

Chances of a swift solution to the flood of unaccompanied children across the border seem remote.


The Uncontroversial Policies at the Heart of the Border Crisis

Behind the surge in unaccompanied minors at the U.S. border is a series of laws crafted over a decade.


Government Audits for Unauthorized Workers Can be a Lose-Lose Situation

Firms stand to lose reliable employees, and the government has a hard time proving companies knew ID documents were fake.